Update: Teyana Taylor Clarifies Seemingly Flirty Interaction w/ Leonardo DiCaprio: ‘I Was Literally Helping Him W/ His Bun’


Teyana Taylor, Leonardo DiCaprio

Update: Teyana Taylor Clarifies Seemingly Flirty Interaction w/ Leonardo DiCaprio: ‘I Was Literally Helping Him W/ His Bun’

Update #2 (April 19, 2024): Teyana Taylor is clearing the air herself.

The multi-hyphenate addressed rumors that she’s dating Leonardo DiCaprio, and explained their previous interaction at an Oscars event last month that was described as flirty. She said on E!’s The Rundown

“Leo wore extensions for the movie and they were hurting him. I was literally helping him with his bun.”

She continued,

“And if you’ve seen the end of the video, I said something about cornbread because my chef was cooking for the whole cast. We gotta make sure his bun is right. We gotta make sure he’s eating good.”

She went on to praise Leonardo DiCaprio as,

“the best. He will cheerlead for you all the way through.”

Update: (Mar. 13, 2024): Teyana Taylor is not dating her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.

As we recently reported, The entertainers were spotted seemingly getting cozy at the WME Private Oscars Pre-party on Friday (March 8).  As the footage of Teyana and Leonardo DiCaprio spending time together at the event made its rounds online, rumors they’re dating quickly surfaced. Teyana’s ongoing heated divorce from Iman Shumpert only added to the whispers that she’s moved on to the “Titanic” star.

However, according to Nikki TaylorTeyana’s mother and manager — there’s no truth to the rumors. In a statement shared with Loren Lorosa of Brown Girl Grinding, Nikki reportedly revealed “Teyana & Leo’s interaction was 100% innocent. They Are Not Dating. Leo Looks At Teyana Like A Sister.”

She continued Nikki’s purported statement in a follow-up post,

“Because the WME party where they were was super loud .. this is why they were so close. They were downstairs on the lower level where it was set up like a disco with a dance floor and loud music”

Nikki reportedly added,

“Leo & Teyana are just two costars who ran into each other in the party & were talking. The convo was about food because Teyana brought her own chef to set every day and everyone including Leo had began only eating from Teyanas chef.”


Original Story: (Mar. 12, 2024): Teyana Taylor appeared to be getting close to Leonardo DiCaprio at a recent high-end event amid her divorce proceedings with former NBA star Iman Shumpert.

At the WME Private Oscars Pre-party on Friday (March 8), a photo obtained by TMZ showed the Titanic actor spotted with one arm wrapped around Teyana Taylor’s waist. He privately chatted with the singer and actress as the party went on around them.

At another point during the evening, the two actors, who co-star in an upcoming indie film, seemed to get even cozier as she fixed Leonardo DiCaprio’s ponytail from the back of his baseball cap.

This interaction between Teyana Taylor and Leonardo came weeks after a video surfaced online showing the film producer and singer getting close on the set of the upcoming Paul Thomas Anderson film, referred to as B.C. Project. In that clip, Leonardo’s character can be seen slapping Teyana’s butt during a heist scene as part of the script.

Right now, Teyana is in the middle of a divorce from former professional basketball player Iman Shumpert.

Teyana Taylor, Iman Shumpert

However, their divorce battle has seemingly taken a turn, as Teyana recently alleged the former NBA star shut off utilities and neglected financial responsibilities to their marital home and their children.

Teyana Taylor, Iman Shumpert, & children

Teyana and Iman were married for seven years before the “Gonna Love Me” singer filed for divorce in January 2023. They have two daughters together: Junie and Rue Shumpert.

Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert’s Children

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Authored by: B Gregory