Stephen A. Smith Says Black America Is ‘Pretty Pissed’ At Him Over ‘Misconstrued’ Donald Trump Remarks: ‘Just Because My Intent Was Harmless Doesn’t Mean My Words Will Harm Less’

    Stephen A. Smith, Donald Trump

Stephen A. Smith Says Black America Is ‘Pretty Pissed’ At Him Over ‘Misconstrued’ Donald Trump Remarks: ‘Just Because My Intent Was Harmless Doesn’t Mean My Words Will Harm Less’

Update (April 23, 2024): Stephen A. Smith is addressing the backlash he received after making remarks about Blacks supporting Donald Trump amid his criminal legal issues.

In a 5-minute clip posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday (April 22), the sports analyst said he is “fully aware” of the “outcry” that his comments sparked on social media, among his friends and family, and “even the NAACP itself. He said,

A lot of folks in Black America seem pretty pissed at me right now.”

He apologized for seemingly showing support for Donald Trump on behalf of Black America amid the criminal cases facing the former President.

He said his words were “misconstrued” and

“taken out of context, misrepresenting me and depicting me in a way I found every bit as insulting and disrespectful as folks in Black America evidently felt about what they thought I said. But I’ll own it anyway.”

He added that despite how any of words were received, he takes responsibility for what he said.

He then ran down some of Donald Trump’s previous moments, like challenging Barack Obama’s citizenship during his campaign to be the country’s first Black President. Stephen A. Smith noted that Trump recanted his claims when he himself ran for President in 2016.

Stephen A. Smith said his remarks weren’t about Trump’s history, but about how he’s currently taking the lead in five major national polls.

He followed up by pointing out several news headlines that say Trump is making headway with Black voters.

He continued,

“Why did I say all of that? Because I wanted to show you I didn’t just open my mouth. I read, I listened, and I’ve seen a momentum shift as we all have.


“Anywhere I appear, no matter my subjectivity relating to what I feel, is still going to be based on facts being presented into the stratosphere. That is who I’ve always been. It is who I’ll always continue to be. But it’s never exercised with malice on my heart and certainly never to assault or harm the Black community, my community.”

He concluded,

“Just because my intent was harmless, doesn’t mean my words will harm less, and I know that.”

Original Story (April 19, 2024): Sports analyst Stephen A. Smith is sharing his thoughts on why Black Americans may support Donald Trump.

The TV personality says he agrees with the former president that his ongoing criminal indictments has earned him favor with the Black community.

While on Fox News Thursday (April 18th), the broadcaster was discussing presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent remarks that Black Americans identify with him because they view his four criminal indictments as an act of discrimination, something the Black community has a lot of history with.

Defending and agreeing with Donald Trump’s comments, Stephen A. Smith stated:

“As much as people may have been abhorred by Donald Trump’s statement weeks ago talking about how Black folks find him relatable because of what he is going through is similar to what Black Americans have gone through, he wasn’t lying. He was telling the truth.”

He continued:

“When you see the law and law enforcement, the court system, and everything else being exercised against him, it is something that Black folks throughout this nation can relate to with some of our historic, iconic figures. We’ve seen that happen throughout society. So, no matter what race, what ethnicity you may emanate from, we relate to you when you’re suffering like that because we know we have.”

Donald Trump

In case you’re unfamiliar, Donald Trump is facing four criminal charges across four different cases. The politician stands accused of inciting the Jan. 6 attack on Washington after losing the election to current President Joe Biden, authorizing and lying about giving hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels, trying to overturn the results of the 2020 Georgia election results, as well as illegally keeping classified documents after leaving the White House in 2021. His charges include one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice, one count of withholding a document or record, one count of corruptly concealing a document or record, and one count of concealing a document in a federal investigation.

Trump stated at a campaign rally back in February that these “discriminatory” charges are ultimately what will give him the edge with Black voters, a notion that Stephen A. Smith seems to agree with. Presently, Trump is currently standing trial for the hush money case as well as the Georgia interference case.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson