Update: Jim Jones Will Not Be Charged After Viral Video Shows Him Getting Into Airport Brawl w/ 2 Men

Jim Jones

Update: Jim Jones Will Not Be Charged After Viral Video Shows Him Getting Into Airport Brawl w/ 2 Men

Update (May 8, 2024): Jim Jones won’t be charged after a viral video of him getting into a fight with two men at an airport made its rounds on social media this weekend.

According to TMZ, police believe Jim Jones’ story of what happened, and none of the parties want to press charges.

Per a police report obtained by the outlet, the altercation started while they were still on the plane. Jim Jones told police that as the plane was landing he started getting his things from the overhead compartment. The plane had not yet stopped. Another passenger, James Dos Santosapproached him and shoved his chest. Jones reacted by grabbing his arm, causing Dos Santos to say he was sorry.

At the same time, another passenger Alexander Lekhtstarted yelling at Jones from his seat. Deputies were called to the gate, however, Jones decided to head to baggage claim once the plane got on the ground. Lekht followed him and taunted him, but was unsuccssful when he made jerk motions, trying to scare Jones into flinching.

Things escalated when they arrived at the escalator, when Lekht did a “second jerk motion” to Jones, who then grabbed Lekht until authorities arrived. Lekht then started punching Jones, and Jones turned around and saw Dos Santos also punchinig him.

Lekht’s head ultimately hit the escalator, causing him to suffer lacerations. He was treated at a nearby hospital. Jones also had bruising underneath his eye. Police say surveillance footage confirms Jones’ recount of events, however, he didn’t want to press charges against the two men.

Meanwhile, James Jackson, a 94-year-old bystander, was caught in the crossfire and went to the hospital for leg pain.

Original Story (May 5, 2024): Rap star Jim Jones is letting his supporters know he’s all good after being video’d getting into a fight recently.

The New York native took to his social media account to address the incident hours after footage of the altercation began circulating the internet.

In a message uploaded to his social media page Jim Jones, 47, let his fans know that he’d speak more about the incident later but, at the moment, was getting ready to attend an event. Ensuring that he’s doing ok first, however, he stated:

“I’m alright, give me a second….I’ll be right with y’all…I promise you, I’m alright.”

Jim Jones was responding to the outpouring concern many of his social media followers were expressing after seeing a video of him fist fighting with two men in an airport. According to TMZ, the Love & Hip-Hop alum was at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport when the incident occurred. While it remains unclear exactly what prompted the brawl, things escalated quickly as Jones appeared to toss one of the men down a moving escalator.

Getting back up, the man then continued to exchange blows with the musician despite bleeding significantly from his head. A bystander seems to have got caught up in the tussle, and another man began hitting Jones in the back of the head while the rapper was trying to keep the other man restrained. Eventually police officers stepped in and separated everyone involved. Jones, who has maintained he was acting in self defense, can be heard telling authorities:

“It’s two of them!…they jumping me…he assaulted me! They both assaulted me!”

The main aggressor fighting with Jones ended up in handcuffs as he continued to be hostile even towards police. At this time it’s unclear if he or Jones were arrested, or if they will face any charges. Jones went on to give a statement following the altercation, stating:

“I was minding my business and defended myself. They got what they were looking for.”

Jim Jones

It has not been reported that police have given any further updates about the matter at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson