Romeo Miller Reveals ‘Successful Neck/Spinal Procedures’ & Months-Long Private Healing Journey Following ‘Horrific’ Car Accident

Romeo Miller

Romeo Miller Reveals ‘Successful Neck/Spinal Procedures’ & Months-Long Private Healing Journey Following ‘Horrific’ Car Accident

TV personality Romeo Miller is opening up about his recovery from a serious car accident.

The 34-year-old spoke about the experience on his Instagram recently, sharing that he had to undergo months of rehabilitation for a neck/spinal injury related to the incident.

Romeo Miller

Romeo Miller explained what happened in a post alongside several pictures and videos from the year thus far, writing as a caption:

“My new years resolution prayer was this, ‘God I’m ready to become my strongest, this year I will be in my best physical shape. 2024 I will transform and miss no days of working out. Guide me and please give me strength’. The first few weeks started off with a bang! And then I was involved in an horrific car accident on the freeway.”

He continued:

“All I could think about is playing in the backyard with my girls. Me and my cousin walked away alive, but soon I’ll find out that I’ll have to reset and cancel most of my life for the next few months to properly heal in peace and private. My head injuries made everything difficult, but after my successful neck/spinal procedures and clearance to get back to my active life, I realized that what I prayed for going into the new year wasn’t what I needed, but what I selfishly wanted.”

The child star and son of hip-hop vet Master P. went on to show gratitude to God for the “transformation” of his mind and spirit, adding:

I asked to become my strongest, and God did just that. I see even better now. The signs are everywhere. Joshua 1:9, Ps: this was kept private until I was well, so from work, friends and fam, if I wasn’t accessible; you now know I’ve been on a journey. Super Saiyan Mode! Rebuild! Regrowth! Rebirth! Blessings! The best is yet to come.”

In subsequent posts added to his Instagram story, Romeo Miller shared one image of his neck taped up with band-aids while sitting in a hospital bed and another image of an IV that the celebrity dubbed “the good stuff,” adding as a caption:

“After not being able to walk this past weekend. Back to get spinal/neck work. Thought I was done with procedures but was assured this healing process of getting a fully healthy neck and back after my accident will be a marathon. So fam and friends be patient with me. Didn’t have time, but today was a success. And I’m good and resting now. Onward and upward!”

At this time, Miller hasn’t shared any other details about the incident. We keep him in our thoughts and prayers as he continues his road to recovery!

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Authored by: Kay Johnson