Romeo Miller Continues To Call Out Dad Master P

Master P, Romeo Miller

Romeo Miller Continues Call Out Dad Master P 

An online tribute to Stephen “tWitch” Boss ignited a family feud between Master P and his son Romeo Miller.

The father and son duo took shots at each other on social media all Sunday (Dec. 18). It all started when Romeo Miller caught his dad’s post about Stephen “tWitch” Boss reported suicide. The hip hop mogul’s message emphasized that “mental illness is real” and to “appreciate your loved ones”. However, Romeo Miller claimed that his dad was not following his own advice.

The 33-year-old accused the elder Miller of ignoring his own family’s battles with depression and mental health. Romeo Miller then circled back late Saturday (Dec. 17) to add a little more sauce to his original claim. In his “Tree of Trauma” post on Instagram, the “Jumping the Broom” spread tough questions and accusations across four stanzas. Some of which touched on Master P’s relationships with his children, ex-wife Sonya Miller, and the media.

Romeo Miller Post About Master P 12.18.22

On Sunday (Dec. 18), Master P finally addressed Romeo directly – on social media. He began with,

“This new generation of kids need to stop blaming their parents for everything.”

The 52-year-old said that “social media is not the place for healing” and added,

“Son, I love you. Stop trying to get people to feel sorry for you. And let’s come up with a real solution. You can come talk to your father, and your family, like a man, you have kids, too.”

Romeo then hopped in father’s comments to respond,

“This was my last straw pops, stop trying to play the victim. I loved you so much that I followed you blindly for 30+yrs.”

The “Growing Up Hip Hop” alum continued,

“and when the world find out about the finances, outside of a gift or a car I’ve never been paid for anything I’ve accomplished as Lil Romeo. Uncle C and Silkk know. You only pay outsiders rightfully so they’ll speak good on your name.”

Master P seemingly took his son’s mention of money as the reason for his recent rants. The father of nine followed up with a post and video that seemed to take aim at his son’s mental health and call him “entitled”,

Romeo posted once more before pushing pause from his side.

This is not the first time Master P’s family drama has gone public. He has feuded publicly with his brother/rapper C-Murder (aka Corey Miller) and his ex-wife Sonya Miller. Master P accused his ex of being a drug addict during their divorce. She, in turn, claimed he had tried to “kidnap” two of their children. Later, she sued her son Romeo, alleging he was “hiding money” for his father. Around that same time, C-Murder claimed that his older brother turned his back on him and his kids during his incarceration.

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In recent years, things have been quiet on all fronts. However, in May, tragedy struck the family. A fentanyl overdose killed Master P and Sonya’s 29-year-old daughter Tytyana Miller.

We hope that Master P and Romeo can repair their relationship.

This is what Romeo said back in 2020, when companies told him that “his bond with his father was a weakness.” He said,

“Through thick or thin, ain’t nobody turning me on my parents (some sh*t u gotta just take to the grave). No family is perfect, but we must stay united through the ways of this wicked world. God Got Me!”

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Authored by: Quita B.