Cardi B Speaks On Insecurities Surrounding Sophomore Album + Rep Confirms, Despite Rapper’s Recent Claims, Project Is Still Coming This Year

Cardi B

Cardi B Speaks On Insecurities Surrounding Sophomore Album + Rep Confirms, Despite Rapper’s Recent Claims, Project Is Still Coming This Year

Rapper Cardi B is coming!

Earlier this week the Grammy Award-winning artist had a heated moment on X while addressing criticism surrounding the yet-to-be-announced release date of her sophomore album. Responding to a fan urging her to take a social media break and ignore the unwarranted hate, Cardi B claimed that due to the negativity, she decided to shelve the highly anticipated project. She wrote,

“Exactly and I tell myself this all the time ..and I hate that I fall back and start interacting again and it bites me in the *ss …anyway NO album this year I don’t care I’m relaxing this year ..Dropping these features I already committed to and traveling and enjoying my summer.”

And added,


However, good news for BardiGang, it seems Cardi B was speaking out of frustration. Her rep confirmed to Rolling Stone that the project is still scheduled to drop sometime this year. During the newly released cover story with the publication, Cardi also addressed the harsh commentary her forthcoming album has already faced. She said,

“Like yesterday, I was scrolling through TikTok and a b*tch made me cry. She was just like, ‘She has got to give it up. She’s better off being an influencer. You was cosplaying being a rapper. Because you don’t take it seriously. That’s why you don’t put out your music.’ And it’s like, I take my music so f*cking seriously that that’s why I don’t put it out. Because if it’s not perfect to my ear, if every f*cking word doesn’t sound like it’s pronounced right, if the beat is overpowering the words or the words is overpowering the beat, I don’t want to put it out.”

Cardi’s debut studio album Invasion of Privacy was released in 2018. The 13-song track list quickly proved that the New York native’s music should be taken seriously. It premiered at the top of the US Billboard 200, was the first album ever to have all its tracks certified platinum or higher by the RIAA, set multiple streaming records, and so much more! With achievements like that, it’s understandable why Cardi is seemingly overthinking her follow-up record.

She continued during her interview,

“When you give so much and somebody just drags it down, like you’re just playing with your p*ssy all day, just watching Netflix all f*cking day long, it’s very hurtful.”

Cardi B

Elsewhere during the chat, Cardi touched on the possible sound of the album and said,

“I’m a different person every single day. When I’m in a good mood and I’m with my friends, [I’m] like, ‘D*mn, I want my sh*t to be played in this club.’ But then I might be mad with my man, so it’s like now I want to do this song. But then I want to do a pop record. I want to do my sing-y sh*t.”

At the time of this report, no official release date for Cardi’s new project has been revealed. However, she has released a few singles this year, including a song with Shakira called “Puntería.”


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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel