Terrance Howard Has Social Media Users Questioning If He’s Crazy Or A Genius After Sharing His Research On Logic, Life & Physics

Terrence Howard

Terrance Howard Has Social Media Users Questioning If He’s Crazy Or A Genius After Sharing His Research On Logic, Life & Physics

TV and film star Terrance Howard recently shared his interesting thoughts about a number of complicated topics.

The Empire actor trended online as social media users reacted to his theories about logic, physics, and life, and his claim to have made world changing discoveries.

Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard discussed the topics during a recent interview with podcaster Joe Rogan. During the 3 hour conversation, the 55-year-old did a deep dive into several of his theories about life and the way understands and interact with it as humans. The actor first began by explaining how the end of his partnership with Marvel led to him seeking purpose in something more important. If you recall, Terrence Howard was cast in the 2008 Iron Man film as James Rhodes alongside Robert Downey Jr., before subsequently being replaced by Don Cheadle.

Terrence Howard in Iron Man

Speaking about how he was he done wrong by the comic book movie makers, he explained:

“I was doing Iron Man, out of nowhere that gets taken away. We did a three picture deal with Marvel. $4.5 million for the first one, $7.5-8 million for the second one, $12 million for the third. We signed it. They come back to me the week that my mother died…They said we want Terrence but we want him to come back for $1 million instead of the $8 million that we had agreed to.”

As the interview progressed, Terrence Howard shared how he began to immerse himself in the study of logic, math, and physics, alleging that he’s learned things that could change the way experts view the laws of gravity, light, sound, and much more. According to one report, the entertainer first gained attention for his research into logic back in 2015. Howard has reportedly been chronicling his findings through his creation Terryology, which is a system of symbols he developed to record his logic.

According to Howard, he and his team have developed a new hydrogen technology,” which he describes as The Lynchpin. He reportedly alleges that the discovery could potentially help clean oceans and provide defense against exploitation through advanced drone capabilities. Prior to the episode releasing, Joe Rogan himself acknowledged that the topics the two discussed would take listeners on “wild” experience, but also suggested that there’s a chance that Howard could be on to something. In a promotional post for the episode, he wrote as a caption:

“One of the most interesting conversations I’ve ever had, with the great and powerful @theterrencehoward. It’s a wild one, and I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of mixed reviews, but as crazy as some of the things this man is saying are, he’s clearly brilliant, and if he’s right it’s going to change the world.”

As Rogan predicted, social media users certainly seemed to have various opinions on the matter. Some showed support and interest in Howard’s theories, questioning whether or not he may quietly be a genius. Others, however, took the stance that it doesn’t appear that the celebrity is actually knowledgeably about some of things he discussed.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson