Kel Mitchell’s Daughter Blasts Him For Being An Absent Parent + Accuses Actor Of Selling Family Property Following Divorce From Ex-Wife: Left Us Without A Home

Kel Mitchell, Allure Mitchell

Kel Mitchell’s Daughter Blasts Him For Being An Absent Parent + Accuses Actor Of Selling Family Property Following Divorce From Ex-Wife: Left Us Without A Home

Comedic entertainer Kel Mitchell is catching some serious flack from his daughter.

According to a report from Radar Online, Allure Mitchell, 21, slammed her father recently, alleging he’s mostly been an absent parent and accused him of often wronging his ex-wife and children.

Kel & Allure Mitchell

The shocking accusations come in the midst of Mitchell and his former partner Tyisha Hampton’s ongoing intense legal battle. As previously reported, Hampton, who is also a former actress, has a suit out against her ex, claiming he owes her more than $1 million in back child support and tax debt.

Allure seemingly addressed the owed payments to her mother as well as her father “faking” like he’s an active parent in her lengthy social media rant. In a series of messages, posted to a now-private TikTok account, the celebrity daughter wrote:

“I guess ten years without your children could do this to you. I am done being silenced. My father is the type of man to fake as of he’s in my life but he’s not. He was there “financially” what I mean by that is he only paid for what in my eyes looked good on paper. He helped pay for my first car, my high school tuition, and my housing on campus until I cut him off for exactly this. A father should just simply care.” 

She continued:

“I now live completely independently without any parental help I did this to prove to my father that his money was never what I needed, and growing up the way I had to it boggles me that’d even think that’s what I cared about. But then I have to remember he doesn’t even know me. How could he? He wasn’t there. A father should be there emotionally. A father should be there for their daughters in need. A father should provide.”

Allure Mitchell

Additionally, Allure went on to claim that her father neglected to open his home up to her during her time being essentially homeless. Allegedly, Allure was without housing while in college, but never received an invitation to come and stay with her dad. Though she doesn’t mention his new family, Mitchell has been married to his wife Asia Lee-Mitchell since 2012. They live together with their two young children.

She stated:

“I was at one point “homeless” in college and my father not once made steps to open his home to me as a forever home but instead got me a dorm on campus during that time. Even though that was much appreciated, I needed my father.”

Allure also addressed her mother’s issues with the entertainer. The college alum claims the “Kenan & Kel” star owes her mother “so much,” after selling the house they lived in after the former pair divorced. Mitchell and Hampton separated back in 2005 and share Allure along with son Lyric Mitchell, 22. She continued:

“My father refuses to get me medical insurance of any sort out of fear my mother would use it, I don’t live with my mother. And so how my mother would get access to that I don’t know. He lives in this delusional world that my mother is “out to get him.” No, she’s out to get what’s owed to her. You owe my mother so much. While you got to live your greatest life for the ten years without us, building you career and selling the house your ex-wife and your children were living in. The same house that was actually bought with the help of my grandparents.”

Ending the emotional post, Allure noted she set out to study law due to the turbulent situation with her dad. She added:

“He never asked me why I wanted to be a lawyer but the reason I do is because I had to watch my mom research law to help her keep our house over our head. In the end, she lost and we were without a home, still without a home. Yet Kel Mitchell, my father, gets to live in a five-bedroom house in the valley. Yet in his eyes, I’m ungrateful. I never cared about money. I just needed my dad,”

Reportedly, Mitchell and Hampton are due in court next month to settle their ongoing legal case.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson