Keith Lee Hired Security After ‘Crying And Screaming’ Fans Swarmed His Vehicle + Opens Up About Eating Disorder & Anxiety

Keith Lee Hired Security After ‘Crying And Screaming’ Fans Swarmed His Vehicle + Opens Up About Eating Disorder

Keith Lee, renowned for his massive popularity as a TikTok food critic, recently disclosed a startling experience in New Orleans that prompted him to hire security.

In a conversation with Rolling Stone, the 27-year-old Detroit native recounted one overwhelming experience at a Los Angeles burger joint where he found himself unexpectedly surrounded by fans.

Despite the frenzy, Keith Lee explained that he remained true to his down-to-earth persona, engaging with supporters while still enjoying his meal. This encounter, dubbed the “Keith Lee effect,” underscored his growing influence and impact.

However, similar incidents presented unforeseen challenges, as Keith Lee also opened up about a visit to New Orleans. A simple request for directions led to a rather chaotic scene, with fans swarming his car in the middle of traffic. Concerned for his safety, Lee made the decision to hire security, something he had previously avoided.

The former MMA fighter expressed,

“People are stopping at green lights and jumping out of the car in the middle of traffic and running up to us to take pictures and crying and screaming.”

He continued,

“I am not a person who likes conflict. I got the biggest security that you could possibly have. God is always watching over me.”

However, he added,

“My hands are registered, too. I’ll beat the hell out of somebody if I have to.”

Lee’s immense popularity followed his journey from being a Las Vegas-based MMA fighter to becoming an internet sensation with his food and restaurant reviews.

Keith Lee

Initially struggling with social anxiety and depression, Lee found solace in mixed martial arts, discovering his talent and passion for wrestling. However, his fighting career was not without its own challenges, including battles with an eating disorder and having anxiety while engaging in interviews and performing other media duties.

He stated,

“I was so nervous. I was sweaty. It would mess up my entire day just to hear that I had to do an interview … You can’t be a super-successful professional fighter and not be good on the mic.”

To overcome his anxiety and hone his public speaking skills, Lee explained that he turned to TikTok, where he began sharing cooking tutorials and personal anecdotes:

“I took it upon myself to start doing TikTok. I just set up the camera, and I started recording myself and pretended that it was 1,000 people watching me and I would use that as an outlet to get better in front of the camera.”

The transition from fighting to social media proved successful as his authentic and relatable content resonated with audiences, propelling him to stardom on the platform.

Keith Lee now has over 18 million followers across multiple platforms and that following and influence has transferred to restaurants with the almost instant surge in business that follows a positive review from Lee.

Cardi B and Keith Lee

Despite his growing fame, Lee says that he strives to remain humble, rejecting the label of celebrity while still embracing his influence.

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Authored by: Aaron Keenan