"The Humpty Dance" Turns 20!

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This past spring, “The Humpty Dance” turned 20!  “The Humpty Dance,” climbed all the way to #11 on the pop charts, #7 on the R&B charts, and #1 on the Billboard Rap Singles chart. It was featured by Shock G’s flamboyant alter ego Humpty Hump. Rolling Stone acknowledges Digital Undergrounds, “Humpty Dance.” Peep an excerpts below:

Humpty seemed to go hand in hand with the “Black Bart” t-shirts that were equally ubiquitous that summer. The Simpsons had only been on the air for a few months, yet everywhere you went, you saw bootleg Black Bart shirts. (The other big t-shirt that summer? Washington D.C. mayor Marion Barry had just gotten busted smoking crack on camera, so if you lived in D.C., Virginia or the Carolinas, you saw a lot of “THE BITCH SET BARRY UP” shirts.) Like Bart, Humpty became part of the culture, an Eshu-Elegba trickster god in Groucho drag, the stuff of legend. He made occasional reappearances in Digital Underground’s music — he got married in “Tie the Knot,” and defended his nose as an Afrocentric political statement in “No Nose Job.” But we all owe him for “The Humpty Dance.” Thank you, Humpty Hump. All over America, Burger King employees are still mopping up after you. Here for more on why we shall never forget the “humpty dance.”


(((I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom.)))