NYC Male Photographer Receives Backlash For Charging $100 More To Shoot Plus-Size Models

NYC Male Photographer Receives Backlash For Charging $100 More To Shoot Plus-Size Models


A New York City photographer is making headlines after  it was revealed that he charges an extra $100 to take professional photos of plus-size models compared to “standard” models.

A photographer named William Lords is receiving major backlash after model Megan Mesveskas took to TikTok to detail her encounter with the photographer’s studio. In a now-viral video, Megan explains that she owns a modeling agency where she specializes in “body diversity” and wanted to inquire about Williams Lords’ prices and availability since he’s a popular photographer in NYC. When she received an email from Lords’ studio, Megan was pretty shocked at the details.

Megan Mesveskas

The email quoted $950 for Lords to photograph a “standard” model and $1,050 for him to photograph a “plus/curve” model, making it a $100 difference in price.


This is insane! A well known New York photographer shamelessly charges curve and plus size models an extra $100 for his dissatisfaction of having to look at them on set. #williamLords #curvemodel #Plussizefashion #plussize #plussizemodel

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The video has now gone viral, causing the popular NYC photographer to receive major backlash– some even saying he is displaying signs of “fatphobia.”  William Lords is now defending himself against the allegations, even claiming there is a reason his fee is higher for larger models, which reflects a fashion industry-wide problem. Reportedly, Lords told sources he was shocked that Megan Mesveskas went straight to social media to blast him before asking for any kind of explanation.

“It’s easy to jump on something you don’t understand.”

Williams Lords, Karrueche Tran

The photographer says his prices are for “test shoots,” where he creates a lookbook for models to take with them to auditions. The pricing includes access to a wardrobe full of designer clothes, which the models then wear while being photographed.

William Lords claims that designer clothes for thin models (usually sizes 0 to 4) are easy to come by, but clothing for curvier/plus size women is more expensive and harder to find since often times, the larger size clothings are made less.

“Getting those clothes is very difficult.. I need to charge a bit higher, because it’s hard to find anything. I go out there and buy the clothes with my own credit card for the models to wear as part of our package.”

William Lords

Lords is not happy about this matter and is considering taking legal action against Mesveskas. He told sources,

“I’m a black man in America, and two white women tell me I’m discriminating them?” Lords stated. “I’m so hurt by this. Nobody is telling the true story.”


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Authored by: Monique Nicole