[Video] Is Karrine Steffans Cup-Cakin’ With Bow Wow Again?

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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Nothing surprises me or could be more random when it comes to self-proclaimed video vixen, Karrine Steffans. Earlier today, Karrine (formerly known as Superhead) posted a pic of her and Bow Wow on Instagram, and the two interacting in a video on Vimeo. Why would anyone care about this you ask? Well, besides being known for putting a few A-listers on front street, back in the day, Bow Wow and Karrine had some type of intimate encounter. In fact, there was even a vintage rumor (in 2008) that she was pregnant by him. Karrine posted this picture on Instagram with the caption:

“I taught this lil nigga how to wash clothes and he taught me…”

In the video, Bow Wow made it clear more than once that this was just a friendly visit from Karrine, and he had nothing but good things to say about her.

Watch the video below.


Do you think that the photo or the video means that these two have something going on again? Or are Karrine and Bow Wow simply trying to keep ‘us’ talkin’? 

Patrice M.

  • Anonymous

    WHO? I forgot about this guy a long time ago does he even have a carrer anymore? I guess he needs some type of hype cause that lil guy is broke!!!!

    • NAT


  • So New Orleans

    He will be mention in the new TELL ALL

  • anala

    You know at first I was sort of disappointed that he kept saying he “vouches” for her because she is a hoe who wrote books about being a hoe. But now I realize Bow Wow is smart AF! If you treat these hoes mean then that’s when they start sending screenshots of private conversations to Mediatakeout. I guess there’s a method to his madness cause I refuse to believe that he’s serious. If so,I thought more highly of him than I should have..

    • Kimmy

      yes I agree he is playing smart.. unless his whole business will hit the streets..lol