[Video] Wiz Khalifa Talks Pregnancy Sex, Wearing Tight Pants + Why He Never Looks At Other Women

This week, Wiz Khalifa (real name Cameron Jibril Thomaz) stopped by Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast’ club, promoting his new album (Only N*gga In First Class). The 25-year-old rapper also dished on wedding bells (to Amber Rose), ‘coloring’ while pregnant and why he wears those tight a** jeans. Peep a few excerpts below.

On potential baby names: 

It is a boy and we haven’t told the name yet.

If sex while pregnant, is better: 

I don’t know about the best–but it’s really good. Pregnant women are naturally more sensitive down there. It’s more going on. The baby’s safe.

If they’re getting married soon: 

Before we have the baby…we’ll do the wedding after. So she can have a nice dress, she can get drunk.

If he looks at other women: 

Absolutely not.

His preference for rocking tight pants: 

It’s just what I’m into right now; I love how they feel. They just make me feel good. Tight pants, you can’t get any NRB (‘no reason boner’). You can’t because you have on tight pants.

Watch the full interview below: