Jeezy Clarifies Primary Custody Request Of His & Jeannie Mai’s 2-Year-Old Daughter, Says He Just Wants To Get Equal Time w/ Child

Jeezy, Jeannie Mai

Jeezy Clarifies Primary Custody Request Of His & Jeannie Mai’s 2-Year-Old Daughter, Says He Just Wants To Get Equal Time w/ Child

Update (April 18, 2024): Jeezy is clarifying his request over custody of his and Jeannie Mai’s 2-year-old daughter, Monaco. 

In new court documents, he says he just wants to have equal time with Monaco, alleging that Jeannie Mai is keeping him away from the toddler.

He says that although he and Jeannie Mai had a casual agreement, he’s hardly seen Monaco this year.

In one incident, he points out that he had Monaco during spring break the first week of March. However, things allegedly fell apart when he was supposed to have her about a month later. Jeezy accused Jeannie of violating the agreement after someone went to pick up Monaco. She not only wasn’t there but Jeannie allegedly moved out of the home and Jeezy doesn’t know where Monaco is. Jeannie also allegedly blocked Jeezy’s phone number so he’s unable to FaceTime their daughter.

The rapper and author goes on to address Jeannie’s claim that she’s uncomfortable with their daughter being with him because he owns firearms. He notes that having guns is nothing new for him and Monaco has never been hurt.

He wants to have a hearing that will formally order him and Jeannie to share equal time with the child.

Original Story (April 11, 2024): Rap star Jeezy is seeking to have his young daughter live with him full-time.

According to reports, the musician recently filed to have the child he shares with his estranged wife Jeannie Mai placed in his primary physical custody.

Jeannie Mai, Jeezy & daughter

Reportedly, Jay Wayne “Jeezy” Jenkins asked in the documents for a court judge to toss out their prior custody arrangement, which gave Jeannie Mai primary custody of their daughter Monaco, 2, while the rapper had visitations. Jeezy alleged in the new filing that the former host of The Real is barely with the child due to her hectic work schedule, and claimed she often leaves care for Monaco in the hands of her brother and mother.

Jeannie Mai & daughter Monaco

Additionally, the “Soul Survivor” rapper stated that despite agreeing to move to the basement after their split, Jeannie Mai still moved out of the marital home they shared, taking Monaco with her. The music artist said the separation has given Jeannie ultimate control over when he can and can’t spend time with their child, which he claimed has become problematic as the TV personality has allegedly been withholding his parenting time for nearly 2 months.

Jeezy & daughter Monaco

Overall, Jeezy argued the situation has become too erratic for a toddler, and said that Monaco will be in a more stable environment if she lives with him full time. The recent custody back and forth between the co-parents is only the latest issue in their ongoing divorce settlement. As we previously covered, the pair also took their parental contentions to court in December when Jeezy first accused Jeannie of “gatekeeping” his visitation time.

Jeannie ultimately denied the accusation, claiming that she’s not only upheld all agreed-upon visitation time but, even went as far as handing Monaco over for some unscheduled holiday time. In the grand scheme of things, however, it seems the former couple still hasn’t resolved the issue amicably. It has not been reported that a judge has ruled on Jeezy’s recent motion at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson