Married To Medicine’s Mariah Huq Is Ashamed Of Fight With Cast Mate Toya, ‘The situation was eye opening.’

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We are only three episodes into Bravo’s ‘Married To Medicine’ and we have seen a pool side brawl between cast mates Mariah Huq and Toya Bush-Harris. The two ladies were admittedly frenimes but all of that changed when Toya allegedly revealed private information about Mariah’s daughter Lauren, in an Atlanta beauty salon. What was supposed to be a joint celebration for cast mate Kari’s husband, Duncan and Mariah’s husband, Aydin went down hill pretty quickly. If you watched the most recent episode, you’re full aware of what went down. Immediately after the episode aired, Mariah took to her blog and wrote about the altercation.

I remember feeling so hurt, ashamed, and disappointed in myself “initially”after the fight. I felt as if I truly let myself, my family, and friends down. How does a grown educated business woman/mother/wife get into a tussle at a black-tie event? How did I allow a negative girl, with no morals, values, or boundaries bring me down to her level? Not sure what the politically correct answer is, but I know what my truth is. In that moment I was truly hurt and full of despair. Astonished by the lengths people will go to become more relevant. Children are off-limits, point blank, period.

From the moment Momma Lucy met Toya, she sensed that Toya had a deep disdain for me and so much envy in her veins, that she would do anything to elevate herself and diminish others. Well, hindsight is 20/20 and my mom was probably right the entire time. Now that I see things unfold on TV, It’s ever clear.  It was evident that she never really could fathom me, I just chose to believe otherwise. I thought Toya was misunderstood. I believed that I could help her be a better person and a stronger friend, wife, and mother, as others have done and continue to do for me.

This situation was an eye-opening experience for me. I hold myself to a much higher standard and truly hate that I set a poor example for my kids. I hope and pray it has been an equally valuable lesson in words, consequences and character for Toya as well.

Peep pics and video of the fight below.





If you tuned in, what are your thoughts? Who was ultimately responsible for the altercation–Mariah or Toya? 


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  • lightbrownis

    Ratched . . . . her hubby was pissed!

    • TooBlessedPier

      I think that too many of us hold high standards in society and expect those that are higher in society to abide by all rules and regulations of this world that we live in. The thing is, you cant plan life; it is what it’s meant to be and not what it’s not meant to be. At the end of the day, we are only humans that are heavily living within the flesh. I think that Toya tries to be better than everyone on the show and that she got what she deserved for throwing a drink on another human being (in her face at that) Really Toya?? On top of that she wasn’t woman enough to admit her wrong doings. You go Mariah!!!

    • Yvette

      Toya struck first, so Mariah was justified!!

      • Kay

        U R 1000% RIGHT!!!

        • Trae

          I was thinking the same thing Toya literally actually did hit or touch Maria first
          Now everybody acting like Maria the problem its plain as day Toya start all the drama and past the first lick Toys like to throw rocks and hide her hands

    • ms cakes

      Mariah was 100% right. She was not bothering anyone. Toya walked over to her to clear the air. Toya could have addressed that matter another time. Toya has some problems. how do you also burn the outfit that Mariah spent good mony on, that was pure dirty

    • I would concur with the previous comments. I also would like to add, regardless to the nature of the argument not only are you to remain professional and educated women but their both share familiar backgrounds and their both african american which leaves a huge irony that it doesn’t matter social level, economic level at the end of the day your are indeed human. And no matter what you must show dignity and self respect to maintain professional image, etc.

      Besides, their getting paid to be on reality tv so it’s a no brainer that everyone signs up for what could happen eventually.

    • daina ann deets

      ok first off Keri saying “we” don’t act like this. I have news for you Keri yes we do act like this. Just bc your husbands are dr.s does not give any of you women class. In my eyes a few of these women have no clue on what life is all about. It for sure is not about husbands money and material items. this Mariah is the worst. No class at all. Prime example of money doesn’t buy class. Grown women fighting is just not acceptable. Most definatly shouldn’t be happening at husbands b day parties. I’m on team Toya all the way. Mariah’s mom was way out of line and clearly has an issue with booze. who give a crap whos house is bigger. Mariah and her mother Lucy need ediquet lessons ASAP

  • Loafer

    I am beyond disappointed that these two had the audacity to fight that close to the pool, and neither one fell in…what a let down!!!! I was rolling tho at who ever was screaming “nah bitch, nah bitch” LOL

  • Razzi

    Last night was my first time watching the show. I happened to turn to it during the last 15-20 minutes; right when the fight started. That was one of the worst reality show fights I have seen. It was ghetto and awful. They both should be ashamed of themselves!

  • Anonymous

    toya had it coming run her mouth too much,love me some quad

  • Diana

    It was an unfortunate situation, but it had happened.Toya is evil and envious of Mariah, she deserved it how could she wore a short dress and fought, se should be ashame of herself. Mariah baby, calm down, it was not your fault such a thing happened but at least you should’ve avoided Toya who always run her mouth talking about people,she is good for nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Toyla is a horrible mess, and Mariah , even though her husband was pissed Toya hac it coming . I hate how it went down though but toya thinks is ok to say what she wants abut ppl. and thats not a good thing at all to do . If you dont want to be others friends keep it real and stay from around them but that fake shit , mariah mother seen .

  • Quita

    I agree that Mariah was justified as well. But I also feel that under the circumstances that since Mariah already had an issue with Toya before going to this event, she should have done what her intentions told her to which was keep her distance for the night. She knew her family and friends were there as well as her husband and Duncans colleagues. So I feel she should have bit that bullet and just kept her distance for the night. Her family and friends were so embarrassed and so was I. Mariah and Quad are my favorites on this show, so I just felt like she stooped to Toyas level of ignorance in the wrong place at the wrong time. I know Toya swung first but thats what Ratchette people do. You know the saying. “You can take the girl out the hood, but you cant take othe hood out the girl. #TEAM MARIAH

    • Quita

      Also, I cant beleive that kari called the police and had her kicked out when Toya’s the one who started it. And now shes in the bathroom crying like she’s the victim, please! Then kari’s B**ch azz (i use these words loosely) husband (Duncan) says ” Dont worry, Aydin will be divorcing her tomorrow”… WTF, are you telling me that this man who has committed hisself to hs wife will divorce her for defending herself in a hostile situation. I think Kari needs to read between the lines because that sounds like something Duncan will do if she ever does anything similar. SMDH! Cant wait to see how Aydin responds to this incident.

      • Teresa

        I so agree with you. What kind of man says that? The kind of man who got his current wife while he was still married to another woman! Quad read Kari right the first time…she’s nothing more than a medical mistress. Quad also read Toya right…Tacky Toya.

        • Erica

          I was thinking the same thing when Duncan said that, he will divorce her as soon as she does something he doesnt like. He need to divorce her for all that plastic surgeon she had jacking up her face.

  • Chanele9boots

    Wow. Momma Lucy jumped in and bopped Toya on the head with her purse. Dang. She deserved it. Every Toya I know talks shit and needs an asskicking or 3 ;))

    • Barbara

      Do you honestly feel this is proper behavior? If you condone this type of behavior, you are just as ghetto as these 2 ladies.

      • Jeannie Williams

        I agree with Barbara…Mariah’s Mother is so ghetto that I would never take her nor invite her to a function attended by either my friends or my husbands colleagues.Aydin knew who he was marrying so I doubt that he was surprised by Mariah’s behavior. Toya should never have approached Mariah about her Mother’s behavior at the party. It was not the place nor the time. Some times you have to bite your tongue, swallow hard and consider the source. Toya is not someone I would befriend, she appears to be the sort who is envious and wants to be top dog. Mariah and Quad are just too loud and boisterous. They Have a need to be seen and heard no matter what the setting happens to be. Dr. Jackie is absolutely marvelous and a perfect example of who we should be as Black Women.
        Dr. Simone is just priceless and could be my daughter. She’s fun, witty, insightful with a bit of an edge…spouts off colorful language and commentary without making one go into shock or be offended. All in all the show is quite entertaining. Ladies leave the gutter behavior behind closed doors.

  • outdone

    Am I the only one that recalls on a previous epidode that Mariah said onr national TV that her husband had
    adopted her daughter , why get mad after u put it out there n Toya repeated it. Why cant women of color who claim to be all that act like trash, shame on allof you. Can dress them but cant take them out.

    • Do not get all caught up in fancy events. Upper class folks will kill for a dollar also. It was a tack party, with tacky people attending. They are all trashy folks one generation from the poor house.

    • Oracle5

      Well, alcohol is a mind altering drug. These people were absolutely drunk! Mariah and the Causasian person stay higher than a GEORGIA PINE, at all times!

    • Dawn

      No, you are not alone. I remember making that remark about her daughter–in fact, she was sitting in her backyard with her husband watching the kids play…so I was quite surprise she was making such a big stink about Toya talking about it at a “hair salon”. And the way Mariah’s approached Toya at the party was a little off-putting–it was just weird. I think Toya and Mariah had it in for each for a very long time–too bad they choosed the wrong venue to “air out” their differences. And I think their fight was ridiculous…almost as if Bravo cut out some good stuff to their animosity

      • RealityBites

        It’s one thing for a parent to reveal their child is adopted, opposed to someone doing in a salon full of people who just want to gossip. Secondly the narratives are done after the show has been filmed, so Mariah had already had the fight, and the cat was already out of the bag. Keep up.

        • Dawn

          Your comment is just as pointless to me as mine was to you. Keep up yourself

    • Anonymous

      Honestly I feel that Lucy the mother started the entire fight. Mariah’s mother seem to have come to the event with bad intentions. If there was an issue between Mariah and Toya it was up to them to hash it out. Toya went to Mariah to talk to her about her mother being rude and disrespectful. Mariah never listened she went into combat mode. In all actuality Mariah started it with the flipping of Toya’s hair. Dr. Simone was also correct do not tell it if you dont want it told. She should havevkept her childs paternity to herself. And Ms. QUAD….. She is a messy spoon she keeps Mariah upset by continuing to bring things up. Friends try to extinguish bad situations not add fuel to the fire and make them worst. Quad should have a seat and work on starting a family.

      • Anonymous

        Mariah lied also saying Toya threatened her mother. She didnt. And Mariah is too old to be upset about Yo Mama stuff especially when Toya was simply trying to make her aware of her mother’s very odd behavior. Lucy was to blame and she got her daughter and Toya in a bad situation. Please stop the foolishness on national tv.

      • chambers

        Actually, when Toya called her over to the side to discuss her mother, she was brushing her hands through Mariah’s hair as Mariah was telling her she really did not want to discuss that at the moment. You can’t control how others act, her mother acted of her own accord and she was there because it was her son-in-law’s birthday party. She was not there for Toya. Toya started it. Mariah tried to tell her she did not want to discuss it but Toya pursued it. And as for Kari, Kari was already mad at Mariah for being late. Kari even got smart with her husband because he wanted to thank everybody for coming and she got smart and told him the party was ruined.

  • Ceci

    All I can say is … as a member of the medical profession I was appauled at the behaviors and hoodlum like activities. I mean really… there is definitely something broken inside these women and to exploit themselves and their husbands this way is so disappointing. But in the words of my wise grandmother… put a dress on a PIG and it is still a PIG… you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear! And so it goes….. Good job Mariah, Mama Lucy and Toya… you have left an indelible impression and legacy for your families and for your husband’s patients…

    • bethnvmi

      I can’t believe that as a member of themedical profession, you don’t know how to spell appalled. This is a TV show, people. Drama attracts viewers. Keep it real.

      • Lez


        • it wouldn’t have never start if Toya hadnt been telling Mariah about her mother. You know how people are about their moms.

      • Tito

        me too Lez, I’m cracking up, Beth got her ass. I just wanna know if the husbands were bus drivers would you ppl care or say the same thing?

    • lamarb4stroking

      Just because someone mispelled a word on this internet BLOG doesn’t make them any Less of a Doctor. Clearly whoever pointed the mispelling is, just like Mariah AND Toya, just a Ratchett and Ghetto FLAKE with nothing better to do but IGNORE & Disrespect the HONEST OPINION on others, especially those with some SENSE. Now I DO agree that absolutely the producers of Bravo are fully aware that drama DOES attract viewers, which is the whole reason why they even created this show, probably, I’m sure. BUT, to try to make negative stupid @zz comments about a Real Doctor’s mispelling on this Blog, where people use abbreviations and typos ALL DAY LONG, is just plain STUPID. I HATE HATE women who fight either, regardless of race. #Stop the Violence people, and GROW UP. (now watch somebody ratchett comes back with a stupid and yet another ratchett @zz remark)… FUNNY.

      • RealityBites

        I think the point was, when you point out someone elses makes, realize that your mistakes will be pointed out too. She may be a Doctors wife (so what) but she is a mother first and sometimes the passion for your children take over, whether or not it is at an appropriate.
        So get over yourself, cause one day you will be 6 feet under like everyone else.

      • Tito

        hmmm, Lamarb4stroking, now that’s ratchett…lol

  • I grew up in the hood. A smart girl who is from the ghetto would no have interfere with her husband’s money. I was disappointed in both girls. Fyi to Mariah you had every right to be upset but you should have pulled toya to the side or talk to her another day. Also if Mariah wants her marriage to work she needs to check her mother or distance herself from her.

    • vdub

      totally agree. Mariah needs to tell her mom to chill out. She is married now and needs to be with her husband and can’t have that ghetto mess around her husband and her children.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know what hood they grew up in… fighting windmill style, but I digress. Mariah’s mom was out of line for having a conversation with Toya and not blasting her for what she did at the salon. I would have warned Toya to stay away from me at the party and let her know that I’m aware that she’s been talking crazy or gossiping about me and walked away…. none of that “I’m too pretty to talk about this right now”. It’s so funny to me that people are only calling Quad and Mariah trash (maybe it’s because of their ethnicity), but no one seems to notice that Kari is an instigator and have low self esteem. Is it me or do women with plastic surgery (face lifts) don’t realize that they look like scary muppets? Toya is jealous of Mariah and I believe Kari is too… Aydin is more successful and their home is far more impressive than any of the other doctors wives.

        Oh, by the way… haven’t you noticed that Duncan doesnt seem that attracted to his wife…. like the lingerie was pretty and he wanted to talk about business… Tsk tsk tsk

  • Mariah is married to Medicine, but her doctor husband is married to Ghetto!

  • Essence of Spirit

    I watched last night’s episode in horror because of how black women routinely display themselves on reality television. After reading some of the comments on this site, it is no wonder that black people behave this way. Too many of us have accepted hood life rachetness as a way of life and no longer aspire to a better way of life. Cursing each other out and fighting in the street like common whores was something the black woman of the past would never do. The behavior shown on tv is shameful and I cannot believe that folk think it is ok to act low class and common. I do not care what the fight was about. Two grown women should be able to discuss their differences without resorting to physical altercations. When Bravo decides to showcase white women, Indian women, Chinese women, etc that belong to the wealthy social class fighting in the streets, then I will believe that black women are not being singled out. Or maybe black women of today have become classless and what we see on tv is what black society has de-evolved into. SMH

    • truth

      Obviously you do not watch the all white reality shows. They act just as bad if not worse so it has nothing to do with color. Different personalities mixing causes drama under the right circumstances.

    • RealityBites

      They do, you must not watch Bravo much. House Wifes of Orange County started it off. Have your facts before wagging your finger.

  • Real Black Revolution

    Truth be told, I am elated this fight took place on national tv and prime time. Why? Because as ‘black-folk’ we have an identity crisis in our own community and it’s coming out in full view. As an Educated African American woman I grew up on the ‘white-side’ of the tracks. I did not grow up ‘hood’. I speak ‘American English’ not ‘Ebonics’. I was raised not to use my fists to get my point across. I was raised to use my words and my the excellence in education to succeed. I was raised to be proud of my pedigree but not flaunt it. I was raised to be proud of who I am and not be ashamed of growing up with privilege. However, the minute I walked away from my community and stepped foot into a ‘black neighborhood’ I was considered too white, because I couldn’t fight, didn’t move my neck or my hips and I didn’t know how to get down with the ‘black girls’ on the street. As I marvel at Barack and Michelle Obama in the White House and the great lengths it took for them to be in that position do you think for one second they could relate to anyone on this TV show Married to Medicine? Especially when 2 black women from the ‘hood’ found a way to get into a life of prestige but has yet to find a way to clean up their hoodish past and hoodish attitudes’? No. What we saw on national tv was a fight that displays the ugly truth about the real portrayal about how black-folk are living in America. There is distinct difference in lifestyles ‘black-folk’ are living and we all need to see the truth in real time and real color. The Ghetto version of Black Life vs the The Affluence version of Black Life and how mixing both world is a toxic toxic truth for all ‘black-folk’ living in America. What we saw is the truth and it is stinging, damning, disgusting truth. If anything I feel so so very sorry for every ‘white -person’ person who sat back in shock because trust the look on their faces was in disbelief because they truly didn’t understand what was going on but every every black person watching new exactly what was going on and why! This is our Revolution our Black Renaissance in Living Color.

    • Shelfish

      @Real Black Revolution: I never comment on any of these blog sites, but your response provoked me. My sister, I also can consider my background privileged and my family of a certain pedigree, but I’ll choose a better description, and say that we’ve been blessed. My grandparents, mother and father worked hard to achieve as much as they have and I in turn do the same. For you to come from similar, possible greater affluence, have an education and an obvious sense of self worth (though lofty in my opinion), you sound as ignorant as the women you are judging. Your tone and comments are obtuse and shallow, at best. “Black-Girl,” “White-girl,” “Hoodish,” mixing affluence with barrenness, what are you even talking about? Please DON’T speak for all Black people of a certain pedigree, in broad strokes. You, my narrow-minded, obviously misguided and probably newly affluent friend, sound absurd. President Barack Obama (whom you referenced in your rant), in his memoir describes his experiences growing up in his mother’s MIDDLE CLASS family, not affluent or privileged, and he is the President of the United States. He is also married to a brilliant woman who is admittedly from a working-class family. Please stay in the obvious bubble that you live in and off of the computer, posting to “urban” blogs, that quite honestly should be beyond your understanding, since you clearly should be unfamiliar with urban culture. Grow up and stop perpetuating perceptions of African American life that simply do not exist, except in your own superficial world.

      • Lez

        @Selfish…well said! Kudos!

        • New Black Renaissace

          My comments are very real with my own experiences and not yours. I was horrified with what I saw and more or less horrified to see how most black-folk skate around this issue of hood/ghetto vs. affluence in black culture. It is not so much the money that brings us down with how it is we have become so separated with this great divide it is the ‘attitude’ that continues to mess with the minds of our blackness to continue to show-out in the most ugliest of ways. And yes only the ‘hood-folk’ need to use their fists to make a point versus use their tongues. I wonder why both women didn’t engage in a soulful educated debate in front of their new found affluent peers? Why? Because they were raised in the ‘hood’ and thus their mentality is geared towards fighting versus debating. I am judgmental about all of this because I grew up as though my black skin didn’t matter because I was acting to white. And is it to act too white? Please explain that to me. Because I choose not to fight, or because I choose not to use the ‘aint’ or ’cause’ or ‘wanna’. I am tired of you and every woman like you think I don’t have the right to speak my mind based on my experience as an educated black woman disgusted by awful hoodish ways. It is a disgrace to our race and it definitely is a disgrace to our ancestors who fought so hard to run to freedom towards a proper education and have it gloried on souls for generations to come. Give me a break. I have every right to shell out my educated 2 cents disgusted by this fight just like you do and NO I will not be quiet just because you said ‘boo’!

          • New Black Renaissace

            Lastly, Barak and Michelle, would never invite either one of them to any White House function for ‘anything’ even if they have to skirt around the issue and not use the word ghetto to their faces. We all know behind closed doors those are the black folk that scare off white people and make black folk lose their jobs! Look at Rev. Wright politely excused. Lets not get anything ‘twisted’ the truth is the truth when it comes to this subject matter and I will not mince my words about any of this. I am proud of my blackness even if you think I am acting way too white for your taste or way to ignorant and white or anything else you think of. We need to have a very real conversation about this subject matter in our own communities and see what is the outcome. Trust me, Mr. Cosby, Oprah, Barack and Michelle Obama and the entire cast of prominent affluent African American men and women will never ever stand up next to anyone ‘hood’ and claim them as a proud representative of the Black Race here in the United States! Most will keep quiet and hold their tongue, some will walk away and in the end all will be silently embarrassed.

          • shelfish

            EVERYONE ELSE, PLEASE ESCUSE THE LONG POST: @New Black Renaissance Wow, you have said a lot. So let me go down the list and try to respond as succinctly as possible. First, let me say that on some level, we do agree, in that the actions displayed on the show were disgusting, disheartening and downright embarrassing to us as African Americans and as grown women. You don’t have to be Black or White, from the “white side of the tracks,” affluent or barren to know how to conduct yourself as a grown women. Clearly these two women abandoned that reasoning.

            I did not take issue with you expressing your frustration with this type of negative portrayal (and in my opinion, negative propaganda) against Black (and Brown) women. What I did find offensive in your original post, was all of your categorically baseless generalizations of “Black-folk.” In your response you say that your comments are “very real,” based on your own experiences. Okay, I’ll bite…But if that is the case, who is this “we” to whom you are referring when you say “WE have an identity crisis,” and when you speak about “truths” to “ALL black-folk living in America?”

            @New Black Renaissance, you do not speak for me. I don’t subscribe to this unique quandary in which you find yourself, where the “white side of the tracks” is the right side of the tracks, and everyone else on the perceived “other side of the tracks” speaks Ebonics. Please understand that I am not slamming you for feeling ashamed of our sisters for their actions. I am slamming you for making this a matter of the “haves vs. the have nots.” Who are you to make the wide assertion that the mixing of any people, from any walk of life, is toxic? It has been MY experience that everyone has something to offer and that there are plenty of White people on the wrong side of the tracks, who SLAY American English, and live despicable “hoodish” lives, while there are countless “Black neighborhoods” that are thriving, stellar examples of the American dream.

            It’s interesting that you say that your were raised not to be ashamed of growing up with privilege. Were you also raised not to be ashamed of being Black? I’m not talking about the disgraceful example of Black people that we see day-in and day-out on our televisions, but of the Black people, from all walks (rich and poor) that worked to progress our people, to prominence, celebrity and even the White House, or are you merely conditioned to focus on “every white person that sits back in shock?” If we’re being honest, in that episode, all of the guests, Black and White were mortified.

            I speak to your claim of being singled out for “acting too white,” as I don’t know what it is to “act White” or Black, for that matter. I just act like me and I am comfortable in my skin. To me, there are White people that I would rather NOT act like, just as much as there are Black people that I don’t want to emulate. I will say that I’m impressed that you are the OFFICIAL mouthpiece on this issue for President and Ms. Obama, Oprah Winfrey and “the entire cast of affluent African American men and women.” But I resolve that, they, probably like most intelligent, image conscious people (rich or poor, Black and White), would avoid “standing up next to anyone `hood`,” White or Black. I am still baffled as to how you, with all of your education, affluence and disconnect to common “black-folk,” wandered onto an “urban” blog like this one. Foxnews.com seems a little better suited for your “pedigree.” Lastly, I am not yours or anyone’s “Boo.” I am a grown woman, and in my quest to “speak American English and not Ebonics,” refrain from using “hood” vernacular as a term of endearment or otherwise.

            In the effort to thwart an already too long war of words, I agree to disagree on some issues, and I am respectfully moving on.

          • New Black Renaissace

            @Shelfish, I too am puzzled by all of this chatter with all your chatter with my comments. Shocking to see so much energy be given to my words versus what we saw on national TV the other night. Yes I stumbled upon this site because of Google not because I went searching for the ‘black-blogs’. I assume Google’s search algorithm is color-culture blind. This is definitely a subject matter that should be aired out even if you don’t like it. I have an opinion about all of this and yes I do have an opinion about ‘hood’ life that seems to be glorified on so many levels that people like yourself still find it difficult to call a spade a spade. I am an Affluent Liberal – I gather as much so is a lot of Hollywood, Arts and Entertainment and ooooh yes the White House! This discussion should go on air and I will invite you to come on my show soon! Thanks for the chit chat and the inspiration!

      • Tito

        @shelfish, I am LMAO. I guess you told her!!!

        • Midnight Beauty

          Bravo to @selfish!!! I had to stand up on your post and response to @Black Renaissance whose post was super offensive and disappointing.

    • Gingertee

      How did such an educated person end up here, what are you trying to say? I don’t think that anyone believes the fight was a good idea but it happened and it is very easy to sit back and say what we would not do if in that situation. I’m going to be honest, if I was Mariah and I had all that on my mind and heart, I probably would have tried to twist Toya’s head off. Is that a good idea, no, but it is the truth. For those debating it, when Toya 1st approached Marah, she flipped Mariah’s hair. Once they moved it away, Mariah did it to her twice but Toya considered Mariah’s actions as an attack. So it was okay for Toya to touch hair but not Mariah? If Toya was so bent out of shape about Mariah’s mother, she could have waited until the next day but no, she insisted on having her say and she had her tail spanked in the process. Quad did not jump in, she tried to break it up but mom and Lake joined in. Whatever Mariah said to Toya was obviously said in confidence 2 years earlier, why is she discussing it now that they are on TV. It is too early in their show for her to say she forgot about the cameras. Her actions were clear, obvious and evident and she has herself to blame for the outcome. She approached Quad at Mariah’s party. Who does she think she is?

  • marie3548

    A secret that is addressed on TV IS OUT for every1 I dont think that it is a secret anymore if it was so important to Mariah her sister and her mom they would not have addressed this on nationwide TV since it wasnt handled in the salon.
    The audience is being a sucker for Bravo’s bs this is so transparent. Excuses excuses there is no reason for this type of behavior.
    There is a petition being circulated to get sponsors and Bravo to cancel this program
    This is the example of what is wrong with our society.
    So high school totally embarrassing they have an opportunity and they have wasted it.

    Oh and fight it solved absolutely nothing Toya can still repeat the
    information again and again and again and then they addressed it on TV so now everyone knows anyway her sister did not address this off camera so it must not have meant much cause millions of cable subscribers know I mean everyone knows and now your daughter can find out too she may not understand but this didnt solve anything
    That was really a stupid thing to do.
    Mariah and her family should b totally ashamed.
    Good behavior NOT
    And Bravo 4 bravo 4 playing everybody all the way to the bank bcause Mariah’s rachett azz signed on for this nonsense cause she knew the camera was rolling.
    So stop with the excuses.

    • Gingertee

      People are always going to make mistakes, talk too much, handle problems the wrong way and all the other things that humans do. Petitions don’t stop that. This was something that was confided long before this show that one of cast members decided to use to bring attention to herself and her husband and she paid for it with a spanking. It’s not pretty, right or condoned, no is proud but it happened. Now it’s healing time so move on.

    • Dee

      Did you even watch the show? I do not think it’s fair to comment on the show and the situation if you did not watch all the episodes. Since you missed it, here it goes…

      On the 2nd episode, Toya was at Mariah’s house and had a conversation with her husband ON CAMERA during which she agreed that Aydin was a good person for adopting Mariah’s daughter. Yes, they were ‘complimenting’ him but they let the cat out of the bag nonetheless.

      Therefore, Mariah, her mother and her sister could not have kept it under wraps when the public would have found out from the show anyway.

      Now I will say that if Mariah had no knowledge of their private conversation, then one would believe that she could have kept it a secret, but would have found out otherwise once the show aired.

  • marie3548

    I bet her husband was pissed and very disappointed if Mariah was so sensitive then her sister wouldve known and not discussed an issue such as that with the cameras rolling and Quad hell no hell no and also trying to go over to help Mariah fight I guess her sister and mother couldnt handle it (like the matrix when all the Smiths jump on Neo) and for everyone that justifies this behavior we would not have known if Mariah and her sister were not discussing it on nathionwide cable tv now everybody knows so I guess she will beat all of us as in (subscribers) up. I think that will b about a million azz whippins .

    • Gingertee

      Stevie Wonder could see that Mariah was hurt and he could also see Quad tried to break it up. What show were you watching?

  • DIVA

    Mariah was justified. Toya hit her first and what was she suppose to do just let her hit her. SMH

    • Erica

      It’s Bravo they will play reruns until the new episode comes on.

  • The Mrs

    does anyone know where i can find the full episode??????

  • Wow

    I am not watching this ghetto a– show anymore. I just wanted to see what it was about and I was so revolted at the behavior between these doctors’ wives! WTF is wrong with them? I expect some people associated with the higher ranks of the medical field to be condescending, introverted, arrogant, b–chy, and odd, but ghetto trash? Doctor and hoodrat or even trailer park trash do not go hand and hand. MY GOD Mariah, what is your problem? It’s just not the fight, it’s the Ebonics she uses and the “sister girl” attitude. I was shocked to find out she was married to a man from Bangladesh. This is absolutely crazy! She really is straight GHETTO! Usually people who are ghetto with money are entertainers and athletes. And from what I learned about her, she’s not even an independent or career oriented woman. Everything was handed down and/or funded to her from her husband! It pisses me off that women in their f–king 30s, 50s, and 50s ARE STILL FIST FIGHTING OVER SOMETHING MINOR!!!! How do they even have any energy left when they’re so “old?” If I was the supervisor of the hospital or medical facility Quad worked at, I would fire him for participating in an embarrassing trashy reality show. He should not have allowed his wife to air this trash.

    • New Black Renaissace

      Finally, you are speaking my language. For some reason on this board my comments were not embraced. I agree with you this is completely hood-ish trash! We should all be ashamed as Black People to even think this should be behavior that should be understood. It shouldn’t be nor should it be tolerated anymore within our community. If you can’t take the hood out of you even in the most affluent of circumstances then we all need to find a way to create ‘hood removal schools’!

      • Tito

        @NBR that goes for you too.. Stop trying to do a job that’s not yours. You can’t tell grown ppl what to do, or how to act.. Just simply, turn the channel and stfu!!!

      • Barbara

        I agree with you and Wow about this issue. It deeply saddens me in many ways. First of all, this Bangladeshi doctor worked very hard to achieve success and to marry a GHETTO woman who may destroy it in one night is unbelievable. I’m clueless as to why he would marry her. Dr. Aydin is working hard to provide her the lifestyle she always dreamed of and she’s destroying him.

        Atlanta has plenty of educated, cultured Black women. Mariah was GHETTO in the beginning and will remain totally as such. He should divorce her immediately before its too late.

        Honestly, these type reality shows cast such an unfavorable image upon Black women. I understand Bravo wants ratings but why must most Black women on some of the shows fight, bicker, backstab, and behave GHETTO? People, we don’t need this. We’ve worked so hard to get just where we are today.

    • Tito

      really, wow, you that pissed off that you can’t watch no more? it’s o.k. keep coming back to this b/site and i’ll keep you informed. It’s really bout to get good!!


    Ok I read all the comments and all I have to say is, I do not care if you are high and mighty and if you are low and in the dumps, if someone is talkng bad about you behind your back and smiling in your face, there will be some anger and we are only human… we all bleed red n we have feelings.. now what i have notice is that the high and mighty might just hurt u back sneakingly while the so called “hood” ppl keep it real and do it right then and there, so either way, they wil attack.. n Mariah I would slap her too but I would have just waited until the next day n went less on the drinking just to avoid the issue for that night…

    • Lez

      @KIMMYBABII “the high and mighty might just hurt u back sneakingly while the so called “hood” ppl keep it real and do it right then and there, so either way, they wil attack”…so true.

  • Mariah can not take the crown away from the true Queen of the Hood Rats, Teresa from The Housewives of NJ.

  • Rachel

    They were BOTH in the wrong. A black tie event is no place to confront anybody about their mother, but Mariah did put her hands on Toya first, by tugging on her hair. You just dont put your hands on anybody, unless you are prepared to have their hands on you.

  • Jacani

    Funny how some of you have taken sides in this mess of a get together, but what i want to know, did any of you saw when Mariah’s mom started the mess with Toya? Regardless of how wrong it was for her to have repeated something that was said in private between two friends, Mariah’s mom was wrong in confronting Toya. That is what started everything. If you are going to take sides, make sure you know how the story is first. And Mariah, if you are the intelligent woman as you claim, why didn’t you not use some common sense and not get into a tussle, especially at your husband’s birthday party? Show some respect for you, your family, and his colleagues.

    • Joanne

      I agree with you. I’ve been reading some of the responses and wonder what show they were watching. Mariah’s mother started the fiasco when she confronted Toya. Toya simply informed Mariah that she didn’t appreciate being confronted by her mother to which Mariah started toying with Toya’s hair and patronizing her while she backed her into a corner. Toya was wrong for throwing the glass at Mariah, but I understand! Mariah and he puppet Quad are messy shit starters and should be removed from the show. I applaud Toya for defending herself. They just shouldn’t have fought while the cameras were rolling. Mariah’s behavior is going to have negative consequences for her husband’s career. I think he should pull the plug before it gets any worse. And based upon Mariah’s behavior thus far, it is going to get worse. She is a hood rat dressed in fine clothing! It would do her good to listen and follow Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone’s lead.

  • Kathy

    Mariah, I hope you can forgive yourself. We have all done things that we wish we could take back but we’re human and it’s life. Forgive yourself and then forgive Toya and move on. As horribly wrong as Toya was, don’t put your personal business out there like that because you cannot control other people.

  • Francine

    Mariah is a mess…I think she’s in her hubby’s medicine bag and Dr. Aydin needs to find a better wife. He married the wrong sister…she is WAY too ghetto.

  • Nicole

    Who cares if Toya told ppl the girl was adopted? She didn’t tell the little girl… Mariah’s crazy. You don’t

  • Karen

    If I was in the ER and I saw Mariah’s husband come my way, I would ask for another doctor. If he’s crazy enough to be married to that woman I don’t trust him or his judgement.

    • kat

      If you were in the ER and well enough to be making requests on who will be giving you care, you have no business in the ER-take your ass home and call your PCP.

  • Love Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone, the rest of you are just crazy girls who was lucky enough to marry a doctor!

    • DIVA

      Me too I love them also. They are the best ones on the show.

  • diamond

    There is a old saying; if you can’t keep your personal business to your self; how do you expect for others to be silence? Lucy started the fire; why was Mariah toying withToya hair? The husbands should divorce the ghetto behavior. They are expected to honor the physician code of conduct, and the wives are expected to respect it… PERIOD .

    • Joanne

      I agree with you Diamond. Mariah’s mother started the fire and Toya put it out. I don’t agree with Toya throwing the glass at Mariah but I understand. Toya knows where she came from and is trying to live by a higher standard. Mariah is ghetto and continues to revert back to hood mentality whenever she is faced with a situation she can’t handle. I’ve noticed that throughout the entire series Mariah has blamed everyone for her bad behavior. Maybe there is something to Kari and Toya’ s suspicion that Mariah is bipolar. Dr. Jayden had better pay closer attention to his wife’s mental state.

  • MrsB

    This show is for entertainment and that’s exactly what it is doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the fight was provoked on purpose.

    • Joanne

      There is nothing entertaining about a mother sacrificing her child’s mental state and sense of security by telling the world she is adopted then needing to tell the child before her classmates tell her. What kind of mother does that. Any and all conversations about Mariah’s daughter being adopted would have been edited from the script and there would be no sudden need to disrupt the child’s world or mental state at such a young age. I’ve lost the little respect I had for Mariah after this. The look on Dr. Ayden’s face when Mariah told him they needed to tell the daughter she’s adopted told me that he doesn’t have much say-so in this marriage. He’s just going along with the program in order to keep the peace. I think he’s trapped in Mariah’s web of deceit! I hope that if there is a next season that they drop Mariah and Quad from the show. I think Dr. Jackie should be the Queen Bee, not hood-rat Mariah!

  • marie3548

    Did you know that Mariah on Married to Medicine’s birth name is LaKeisha but she goes by Mariah because Lakeisha sounds too black and she does not want to be defined as a black woman? http://cdn.mediatakeout.com/62402/scandal-one-of-the-rich-boogie-ladies-from-the-show-married-to-medicine-changed-her-name-because-she-thought-her-real-name-was-too-black-sounding.html

  • marie3548

    Lakeisha Mariah Huq is a fake and a phony she could have at least used her real name bcause she goes by Mariah and acts like Lakeisha and continues to produce this garbage no matter when it happpened take the content out b4 it airs on cable tv and ur sister blurts it out in front of millions even if Toya mentioned it u would really have to go back to find it but the sister said it plain n clear with the cameras rolling so Lakeisha is laughing all the way to the bank. So y should peeps get bent out of shape if Toya repeats it if Lakeisha Mariah leaves it in this is a setup and she will probably have more personal info to sell soon. So everyone stay tuned.

    • Joanne

      You are sooooo right! Toya didn’t do anything wrong. I think Mariah is an attention hungry person and would do anything to keep the focus on her even if it is a negative focus. Mariah is a very small person and Dr. Aiyden is trapped. The fact that she sacrificed her daughter’s mental stability on national television says a lot about the person Mariah is. She’s messy and doesn’t care who she hurts, not even her innocent child! I am done with Mariah. I record the show to watch at my leisure. I fast-forward through the scenes with Mariah and Quad because I find that they don’t have anything intelligent or positive to say. I love Kari, Toya, Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie. Drs. Jackie and Simone are my favorites.

  • taliba

    Actually Mariah’s extremely unattractive and ghetto mother started the whole altercation. However, it was not the time for Toya to step to Mariah; but Mariah had it in for her as soon as she got there anywat. She lied when she said Toya threatened to harm her mother. She just wanted to fight. They both looked like idiots fighting like school girls particularly Mariah who is so “holier than thou”. I was so hoping they’d fall in the pool to top it off, because it was so crazy.

    • Joanne

      Isn’t Mariah’s mother ugly. She’s has an echa-sketch frown on her face and is built like a moose! She has a negative demeanor that’s rubbed off on both her daughters. And as old as she is she it still a shit starter. She doesn’t look like she has any friends.

  • We all watched that fight, even without those petty comments toya made (yes I just intentionally lower cased her name.) She is still in the wrong, if you got slapped in the face with a champagne flute, a glass flute at that anyone is going to fight! I’m sure you Physicians know what fight or flight response is, so dont go pointing fingers at Mariah, the place that toya hit Mariahon her face was close to her eye! You guys woulnt say that if Mrs.M lost an eye would you? Toya would have been at fault then, but because Mrs.M defened herself effectively now she is in the wrong?!? What a load of kaka, chumps always whine when they loose they always want sympathy, but toya you forgot one thing, you chump the whole fight was on camera, you think we are blind? If you break a glass on someones face nearly cutting out an eye causing blindness, youre lucky thats all you got. Youre lucky her kids aren’t grown enough to come after you. Because if Mariah was my mom, you would have some explaining to do. What disgusts me is that everyone just turned thier backs on Mariah and threw her to the wolves not knowing what really went down, toya karma is…wellll you know what it is. Kari although I understand your point of view, dont form your opinion of Mrs.M because of your personal issues with her. Yes as co-hostess Mrs.M shouldnt have fought and disrespected your house, but what would you have done if your face got hit with glass? After the fact you pushed toyas hands of you twice. She pushed Mrs.M into a corner, Kari if you have class, use it to forgive Mariah. And to wish divorce on another couple, youre husband should be ashamed, I bet you wouldn’t want those evil wishes thrown at your marriage, so Kari you and your husband apologize too! Its always the ratched looser who gets the sympathy! Mrs.M hold your head high the truth will come out….remember reunion us comming…….you defended yourself the viewers know the truth.

  • You know, there is another thing I find to be very unsavory, how many people can so easily mention divorce so quickly.Dr.Aydin should not divorce his wife, disagree sure be mad at each other fine, but divorce?!?! Really guys? I smell haters…..I hope, and know that Dr. Aydin and his wife will stay strong together, because letting the outside negativity influence your marriage is a cop out! People on here talking as if wives are expendable, to be thrown out like trash……sad to see women ill-wish thier fellow woman. Dr.Aydin is a respectable Bengladeshi man he will do the right thing, and Mrs. M she will also. And toya -that inappropriate wratched arse little girl got what she deserved! Dont divorce over her….she is trivial and mad that Mr and Mrs Aydin got flava and are good folks.

  • And further more, Kari who do you think you are to demand another HUMAN BEING should prostrate themseves to forgive you……you must think your are better than others…..and without even knowing the facts? How unclassy of you……and your husband wanting Dr.Aydin to divorce…..hater! …
    Unhappy white folks…

    • BeastieGirls

      I was replying to “Really” not to myself. LOL

  • Really

    Quad and Mariah seem to be really ghetto in their behavior. They are mean spirited, angry and rude. They seem to have a chip on their shoulders. When it comes down to it, Mariah’s family are the true guilty ones in this fight. First Mariah’s sister is wrong. She should not have taken back news to her sister at the time she did, knowing it would cause problems. Why cause an unnecessary trouble. It was none of her business. She should have just left it alone and allow Mariah and Toya to sort out their own problems. Maria’s mother also embarassed Mariah, and her husband by getting in a fight beating Toya on her head. What kind of a an old woman/mother is she – really ghetto. As a black person myself, I am ashamed of these people. They have no class or shame. Then you have Toya exposing her underwear while fighting. How disgusting for Mariah, Mariah’s sister who caused the trouble, Mariah’s mother, and Toya for allowing themselves to be getting in a nasty street fight on national TV. Disgrace. Also Mariah and Quad need to stop talking and behaving like slop pigs in palaces. Remember now you cannot put a slop pig in a palace. At the end of the day, they will still be slop pigs. Ladies come on, if you do not know how to behave and speak when you are in public – go get some classes somewhere.

    • BeastieGirls

      Quad & Mariah are beyond trashy. They’re obviously out of their league & being doctors wives doesn’t change anything. I feel sorry for the husbands. Doctors with such bad judgment to marry ghetto trash, need their decision-making questioned. I would NEVER trust them.

    • BeastieGirls

      I agree. As black women, Quad & Mariah are the reason ghetto stereotypes are so commonly used by racists. And who on earth uses yellow, blue & green eyeshadow all the way up to their eyebrows, besides Mariah? She looks like a cockatoo or parrot. Plus, she squawks like one. Q & M seem to think they’re funny. They aren’t. They act like trash, talk like trash & behave exactly like ghetto trash. These women give Rush Limbaugh & other racists reasons to stereotype & spew out their hatred. And the ignorant rednecks love it. This show has set back black women in harmful ways. There will always be racists, but why give them ammunition? Shame on Bravo.

  • BeastieGirls

    Being a doctor’s wife doesn’t necessarily make you better than anyone else. However, how you behave in public does reflect on your husband & brawling like high school girls at a party is despicable. Quad & Mariah don’t understand that their ghetto trash behavior (no matter who you’re married to) says a lot about who you are & where you’ve come from. As far as Mariaha’s mother, it’s easy to see that the apple fell right under the tree. Toya got caught up in the moment but compared to Mariah, she’s knows what class is. Mariah has lied several times. She seems to think that because she is married to a doctor she automatically hit the jackpot. Not so. Kari is correct in saying there are levels in what type of doctor you’re married to. An ER doctor isn’t the same as a surgeon. Everyone knows this. It’s their own hierarchy. And of most of these women, except the OBGYN, Kari has class & behaves exactly as a surgeon’s wife should. She seems to drink a lot but can hold her liquor. I felt so bad for her at the party. Mariah’s husband is in denial & Quad’s husband has no idea what he married. I wouldn’t be surprised if Quad was a prostitute in the past. Right now, Quad & Mariah are behaving like trashy high schoolers. I’m not sure I want to watch these women any longer. They’re too ignorant & their constant fighting & yelling gives me a headache. I’m not interested in ignorance & ghetto behavior. I won’t even see the second Reunion show. Their screeching & talking over each other isn’t interesting. I hope Bravo cancels this horrible show. It’s a messy disappointment.

  • Mariah was soooooooooo right she should have beat toya ass.u dont talk about peoples children point blank end of the period.thats was not the time or the place for toya to bring up mariahs mother.yes lucy was wrong but toya own your part…………catch that dirt.Dr.simone did choose toyas side.she never asked mariah what happend.mariah can get loud and ghetto but she is right ms.tacky toya and ruthless kari

  • My only comment is that after season two ends I pray that the reunion show reveals the devils and the fame crazed cast mates. I also hope that Toya and Quad are replaced!

  • Shanita jones

    Shellfish is an idiot that tries to use these big words that nobody really uses in everyday language to appear intelligent. Really stupid for you to go off on black revolutions point of view!! I agree with her and get what?!!! You don’t have to agree or like it. Get to stepping missy!