Married To Medicine’s Mariah Huq Is Ashamed Of Fight With Cast Mate Toya, ‘The situation was eye opening.’


We are only three episodes into Bravo’s ‘Married To Medicine’ and we have seen a pool side brawl between cast mates Mariah Huq and Toya Bush-Harris. The two ladies were admittedly frenimes but all of that changed when Toya allegedly revealed private information about Mariah’s daughter Lauren, in an Atlanta beauty salon. What was supposed to be a joint celebration for cast mate Kari’s husband, Duncan and Mariah’s husband, Aydin went down hill pretty quickly. If you watched the most recent episode, you’re full aware of what went down. Immediately after the episode aired, Mariah took to her blog and wrote about the altercation.

I remember feeling so hurt, ashamed, and disappointed in myself “initially”after the fight. I felt as if I truly let myself, my family, and friends down. How does a grown educated business woman/mother/wife get into a tussle at a black-tie event? How did I allow a negative girl, with no morals, values, or boundaries bring me down to her level? Not sure what the politically correct answer is, but I know what my truth is. In that moment I was truly hurt and full of despair. Astonished by the lengths people will go to become more relevant. Children are off-limits, point blank, period.

From the moment Momma Lucy met Toya, she sensed that Toya had a deep disdain for me and so much envy in her veins, that she would do anything to elevate herself and diminish others. Well, hindsight is 20/20 and my mom was probably right the entire time. Now that I see things unfold on TV, It’s ever clear.  It was evident that she never really could fathom me, I just chose to believe otherwise. I thought Toya was misunderstood. I believed that I could help her be a better person and a stronger friend, wife, and mother, as others have done and continue to do for me.

This situation was an eye-opening experience for me. I hold myself to a much higher standard and truly hate that I set a poor example for my kids. I hope and pray it has been an equally valuable lesson in words, consequences and character for Toya as well.

Peep pics and video of the fight below.





If you tuned in, what are your thoughts? Who was ultimately responsible for the altercation–Mariah or Toya? 


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