Messy Child Custody Battle Brewing Over Tyrese’s Daughter

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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For the past few years, singer/actor Tyrese (real name Tyrese Gibson) and his ex-wife, Norma Gibson, have been battling of the custody of their daughter, Shayla. In 2009, both parent were instructed to share custody, with Tyrese ordered to pay $6,230 per month in child support. So what’s the latest? It appears that there’s still some unresolved matter, in terms of the custody of their 5-year-old daughter. How do we know? Because the TGT singer told us so! On social media of course. The 33-year-old wrote:

Real MEN and Fathers…. Pray a hard prayer for me this morning from wherever you are. This morning is gonna be a rough one.. #ShaylaDadLove  … On a day of a heavy heart w/ a personal matter I also rejoice in hvng the #1 #ThreeKings album on RnB Billboard and the #3 on the top 200!!

tyrese-custody battle over daughter-with ex wife norma-the jasmine brand

After court, he added:

Today, in California the custody laws are financially set up to make you become a victim of your own success … Today was rough…I won’t give up on my daughter and I refuse to walk away … Enjoy for now…See you soon. Shayla’s Daddy.

Interesting….And in more pleasant news, Tyrese is continuing with his pen game, with plans to write another book. This week, he announced:

Writing my 3rd book called BLACK-ROSE’ here’s a preview.. Thank God she’s too young to understand, Thank God there are still play-dates, friends and fun stuff that she’s always doing that keeps her away from grown up stuff…. My goal as your father is to minimize your exposure to dysfunction cause I can never assume that you are too young to be affected by WHAT’s being said or reading into the energies that


  • DIVA

    What gets me is how these celebrities think they control the world because they have money. If the court see fit for the child to be with the mother so be it. I think that all children should be with there mother unless the mother has drug problems, abuse problems, mental illness, etc…but don’t take the child from them just because the celebrity has money. SMH

  • Razzi

    So, let me get this right. Tyrese wants custody of his daughter but he is currently touring and passing out on stage from “exhaustion” but he has time to be a full-time dad? BOY BYE! Custody is just a way to get out of paying what he may consider to be too much. It has nothing to do with m=being a dad- it has everything to do with him not wanting to feel like he is financially supporting his ex-wife thru his daughter’s child support!

  • Chile

    …I really lost a lot of respect for Tyrese. He doesn’t know what to say out of his mouth when it comes to women, and how he thinks they should be. He’s stuck in the 1950’s or he has been hurt so bad that he comes across as super selfish. The comment about Big Women also turned me off. You have Big Girl fans and you show them how you feel by calling them “fat and nasty” …sir get yourself in order.

    • Tyrese never talked bad about FAT WOMEN….that particular interview with ALL HIPHOP.COM was chopped up and the FAT statement he made was actually relating to an interview he had with Men’s Health Magazine.

      The fat comments were about HIS OWN personal struggle with weight…people misunderstood, twisted his words, assumed the worse and ran with it….SMH

  • vapariga

    Totally agree ladies, well said! It’s just sad. He portraits this great father image but along with being a great Daddy is being great to Shayla’s mother so that Shayla can live as comfortable with her Mom as she is when she’s with him. We never hear anything about this woman bad mouthing him, mis-treating their daughter or acting like a crazy woman. Tyrese seems very angry & bitter about her for some reason (I wish we knew, maybe we could make a more informed opinion)! Regardless, he’ll have to deal with her the rest of his life, so if “his goal is to minimize dysfunction” then he should abide by the court decision and get over it! Its not like this man doesn’t have the money. Damn. Selfish & immature is what I’m starting to see. Use to be so impressed. smh…

  • kim

    Men have no idea what it is to carry a life inside you.I think because of that they are so cruel to take a child from it’s mother.I believe they want custody because of the money.I use to think Tyrese was the man.So disappointed:(

  • Anonymous

    damn, Tyrese not having a good week…. I believe child should be with the parent that would be the best fit, and I feel a certain way about the child support issue.. but that another convo…

  • Kris

    Where did it say that he was seeking full custody of their child? Also, since when did $6230 a month not allow one to live a comfortable lifestyle especially if the mother is working. Which in this case why wouldn’t she be? I’m sorry I don’t recall seeing his ex-wife in Transformers or Fast Five! Also, why should the mother be granted full-custody, when there are two responsible adults willing to raise their child? You can spot the bitter woman with “baby-daddy” issues from a mile away… smh

    • Anonymous

      Kris I agree. It is amazing what folks read and what is actually printed. There seems to be some bitter women here who had children with irresponsible men.

      • Anonymous

        Everyone here is entitled to their own opinion, including you. But yours doesn’t make you politically correct because of a slight misinterpretation, just like y’all THINK there are some bitter women with irresponsible men. Funny!

    • Razzi

      @Kris & Anonymous- Reading is fundamental. It doesnt have to say specifically “HE IS SEEKING FULL CUSTODY”.. if you read whats actually printed, it states right now, they SHARE custody. So, if they are currently sharing custody and they are now battling for custody, a smart person can only assume that means one or the other wants FULL CUSTODY!…

      • DIVA

        @ Razzi you are so RIGHT! I co-sign that!

      • vapariga

        Break it down, Razzi!! :-)

        • anonymous

          Or…. That maybe she is tired of joint custody and wants full custody….

  • m&m

    You’ve got to be kidding me? Another celebrity who does shows, tours all over the world- want’s sole custody? Tyrese, Usher and D-Wade need to go sit down and have several! And for those thinking she’s spending HIS money, get it right- courts feel that children have a right to live the same lifestyle as their parent does. What man would live in a mansion, and have his child who he so-calls love, live in a 1 bedroom apartment? Sometimes people focus on how the mom benefits, they forget how the child has a RIGHT to benefit. D-Wade is gone half the year playing basket ball, Usher all over touring and doing TV, and Tyrese writing books, and clubin and doing concerts- yet they want to PARENT a child 100% of the time??? insane! They should side step image for a second, and really consider the BEST INTEREST of THEIR CHILDREN. To be in a hotel room being fed gummy bears by a groupie? or in their home with a parent? Come ON! and Kris and Anonymous sound like jaded baby-daddy’s or dating someone who is.

    • ProudFather

      Since when did “celebrity status” mean they can’t parent a child?? As long as the child is taken care off. Of all those celebrities u mentioned, all of the babymamas use the kids as a platform to become famous themselves! Now they’re all reality stars….come on now! U people must not know what value working adds. Whenever u see these mothers, where are the kids??? Please!

  • ProudFather

    These comments are funny. No one actually knows the FACTS!! We don’t know how the relationship between the two parents ended, and just because she is a mother and carried the child does not necessarily mean that she should be taken care of by the child’s father. I am a man who has custody of all 3 of my children….all girls! Tyrese’s ex may be using the child to get more money from him, and with full custody he would have to pay more. Since when did they make a rule that just because u are a male celebrity u are unfit and should pay all your money to the mother of ur child? Women sure don’t. But then again, we don’t know the situation. Fact is, a lot of women ARE bitter and selfish. A child is not a token u can cash in anytime u like…..smh….people.

    • While I don’t agree, it’s good to get your insight, as a father.

    • Anonymous

      Spoken as only a man would! ProudFather, just as you speak your fact about women, these women are speaking their fact about men! But its cool, someone has to be on the brotha’s side! Commendable that you are a father taking care of 3 daughters.

  • anonymous

    Understanding that the courts should see that the child should live an equal lifestyle as the Celebrity is resonable and infact thats exactly how that should be. Now im not saying that Tyrese is an unfit father, however I am saying that the world isn’t always roses and sometimes people (Not Just Women) use children as vices to hurt their ex spouce.We dont know thats whats happening in this situation and, whose to say its not the woman whos wanting full coverage and maybe Tyreese just wants to keep his rights as a father. Demeaning the man as an unfit father when the only thing you know about the situation is what a blog says is very irrational. Lets be real there are a lot of deadbeat fathers, but there are also alot of mothers who use circumstance and legal playing fields to manipulate man. I recently spoke to my grandmother about my mother (R.I.P), who was an incredible woman, About how come i didnt know my father. From speaking from her, my Mother told my grandmother that the only reason that i didnt meet him and spend time with him is specifically because he Cheated on her. And From that hurt she couldnt bare even thinking about him and she knew that would be the one way to hurt him the most. My father has past away and I dont even have a picture.

  • Anonymous

    no she want that money

  • Seriously, people here have to get a grip!! Y’all talking about Tyrese like he’s a bad parent and all, well if you must know, he loves his daughter more than anything and he’s always talking about her, especially when she’s not with him! Just cause he’s a star doesn’t mean he doesn’t/wouldn’t dedicate some quality time with his daughter so let him be!

  • That is so mean to say he is a great father even though he is a famous and been doing other stuff he is still a not a bad father so I want you to take that back what you said now becuse it is mean to say to a famous person like that