[VIDEO] Solange Says She Was Scared Seeing Beyonce Yanked Off Stage + Why She Understands People Being Overly Critical of Her DJ Skills

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This week, Solange Knowles, who rarely does radio, chopped it up with Hot 97’s morning show. The 27-year-old chatted with the hosts about her laundromat performance, middle school obsession with Nas, along with overly excited #Beyhive fans that get out of hand sometimes. It’s a long one, so we pulled out a few of our favorite excerpts. Check it out below.

Performing this summer at the laundromat:

It was actually…how to make boring, brilliant. S/o to Fader for being uber creative. Mine was definitely like the weirdest. It was also kinda awesome for people not to have the context.
Being suspended in middle school over Nas:
The story is that I went to a Christian school…I had the Vibe cover of him…I had like a whole homage to him in my locker. Obviously, a Christian Dean thought that was blasphemous….So I refused to take it down and I actually spoke with my parents and they actually gave me the freedom and choice to stand by that….I took the suspension.
How Jay Z felt about her being a Nas fanatic:
He knew. Everyone knew that I was a fanatic. I use to have Nas on my nails. I met him. I starting balling. I was like 13.
If she feels that Nas is better than Jay Z:
Things evolve and like I said I went through a lot of musical phases. By the way, Jay and I have our own sister brotherly relationship. We talk about music a lot, about art a lot and that’s my dude. We’ve discussed it. I was actually like 13 or so when I met him [Jay].
How she feels about people being upset that she’s a celebrity DJ:
Lots of people were. I got it–I got it. I hafta say I actually called TIP (who is my favorite DJ). And so…it was actually right after the earthquakes in Haiti and I wanted to help out and contribute in some way….I had an event and I was like someone hasta DJ. I asked Tip to do it, he wasn’t available…I asked Questlove, I asked all my favorite DJs….I was like, ‘You know what? I’m just gonna like play some music’. And actually, my sister and Jay, it was my birthday and they bought me turntables….they were like, ‘We’re tired of you being an ipod DJ; actually learn how to DJ’. So I actually called TIP…he literally, for five hours, made me go back and forth until I could beat match.
How her experience with Destiny’s Child helped shape her musically:
I started off dancing for Destiny’s Child. I was there back-up dancer and traveled all of the world and that was so imperative for my journey. Radio (in Europe) is so different so I had exposure…me just being a little music nerd, I didn’t really know how to take all of these influences.
On being ‘regular’:
Yeah, I guess so. But I hafta say like, my sisters mad regular too. Obviously to a certain extant, life can’t allow her to do that.
It’s really, really scare (to) me. I know. Well, she has the whole Beyhive stage so those are like select fans that have followed her. It’s really scary but you know what? At the same time. I hafta give her the hugest props for putting herself and being that accessible but it is scary, especially as a family member. She let them go. She said It’s okay.
Watch the full interview below.