Cardi B Speaks On Wanting To Direct A Photoshoot For Azealia Banks & Her Not Having A Good Team

Cardi B Speaks On Wanting To Direct A Photoshoot For Azealia Banks & Her Not Having A Good Team

It looks like Cardi B wants to lend a helping hand to Azealia Banks!
During a recent live video, Cardi B spoke candidly and revealed that she wants to direct a photoshoot for Azealia Banks noting that “she’s a very pretty girl.”  Cardi B explained,
“I feel like she gets it, but I feel like nobody, not like a good team has had a hand on her.”
The “UP” rapper went on to recall a photo of Azealia Banks that she was really fond of.
“I remember one time I saw a photo of her when she had her legs open, and it looked like she was finger popping herself, and she had white clothes on. I actually really like it, and I was like, ‘you know what, she gets it.'”
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Azealia Banks

Cardi continued,
“I would love to direct a photoshoot for her. But I’m a little afraid of her, she can turn left real quick. But I would love that.”

Cardi B

Azealia Banks is known for being controversial and having no problem going up against fellow celebrities. Banks has spoken out against big names such as; Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhymes, Rihanna, and Iggy Azalea to name a few.

The 31-year-old rapper recently made headlines when she teased a collaboration with fellow rapper Doechi and then quickly changed her mind, slamming Doechi and her record label. The now-scrapped collaboration comes after Doechii asked Banks to join her on the remix of her single, “Crazy.”

During the exchange between the two via DM, Azealia Banks seemed more than open to the idea of a collaboration and appeared excited.  Shortly after their conversation went public, Banks revealed the collaboration will no longer be happening. In a follow-up post, she said,

“Sike. Lol.” 

From there, Banks began to trash talk Doechii record label Top Dawg Entertainment and artist Rico Nasty. She declared,

“TDE is going out f*cking sad.” 

She continued,

“What the f*ck is even happening with TDE?” 

Banks then fired off to her almost-music collaborator,

“You have this f*cking Doechii chick, who I have no f*cking clue who she is.” 

Back in February, the “Luxury” rapper took a shot at Kanye West and his then-girlfriend Julia Fox. Azealia Banks took to social media claiming that Kanye owed her money for her input on a design that she created for the rapper’s Yeezy collection. Banks took to her Instagram story and wrote,

“Any f**ing way…Where the f**k is my money for that Yeezy survival kit & those gas to electric generator designs I made? @kanyewest Let’s focus on the important s**t.”

Azealia then mentioned Kanye’s then-girlfriend Julia Fox allegedly threatening to fight her.

“At the base of all of this sh**t, is the fact that Kanye West is not paying me my money, I dont give a f**k about Julia Fox. I wish I was as mad as she wants me to be. In my phone talking about, ‘I can’t wait to see your 90 pound ass’…. It’s 2022, we don’t do that fighting shit.

Julia Fox, Kanye West

She continued,

“But actually I would love for you to try it because you already put it in writing, it’s on my phone. I would actually love for you to touch me so I can put you in jail and make you even more of a deadbeat mother, than you already are.”

What are your thoughts on Cardi B wanting to do a photoshoot for Azealia Banks despite her controversial history? Let us know in the comments below!

Authored by: Monique Nicole