Ear Hustlin’: Ex-TLC Member Crystal Selene Writing Tell All Book, Allegedly Suing Over ‘Crazy.Sexy.Cool.’ Movie

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While TLC and their respective fans are celebrating the upcoming release of their new VH1 biopic, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, Pebbles isn’t the only person involved in with the group that is taking issue. Allegedly, a woman by the name of Crystal Selene Jones has a bone to pick as well. So who exactly IS Crystal? We did a bit of digging and apparently, she’s the member that was fired from the group and was replaced by Chilli. Here’s how the story reportedly goes. In 1990, Crystal (who was a teenager at the time), wanted to form an all girl trio. Initially called ‘2nd Nature’, she put out a call for two more girls to join her. The Atlanta native found both T-Boz (real name Tionne Watkins), who had just moved from Des Moines, Iowa with her family to Atlanta and Left-Eye (real name Lisa Lopez), who had just moved to Atlanta from Philadelphia.

crystal selene jones-ex tlc member-book-lawsuit-the jasmine brand

So how did she eventually get a pink slip from a group that she actually formed? Reportedly, the group auditioned for Pebbles (real name Perri Reid) who loved them and renamed them TLC. After auditioning with LaFace Records, Pebbles decided that Crystal should be replaced by then back-up dancer Chilli (real name Rozonda Thomas). Fast forward to the present day and allegedly, Crystal is none too pleased with the movie. One of TLC’s fan page tweeted the following:

Screen shot 2013-10-19 at 10.41.23 PM


ex tlc member-crystal selene-the jasmine brand

While we can’t find the tweet above, here’s what we do know. Crystal is in the process of writing some type of book about TLC, titled: TLC…My Story. No word on if it’s already being shopped around or not.

Screen shot 2013-10-19 at 10.45.07 PM Screen shot 2013-10-19 at 10.44.56 PM


Story developing. P.S. Are you interested in hearing Crystal’s side of the story about TLC? 

crystal selene jones-ex tlc member-the jasmine brand

  • A

    This should be good…..I’ll read it when it comes out…

  • Lens

    Who?? She needs to have all the seats she can find. Nobody cares. You were fired before we even cared about TLC.

  • This is why it’s hard for anyone to tell their stories. Someone always want to come out angry.

  • NOPE! No one wants to hear her story because WE ALREADY HEARD IT. She had the IDEA for a girl Trio…Pebbles DEVELOPED the group and AXED her. SO her beef is with Pebbles. And if it was SO DISINGENIOUS, y is she JUST NOW getting a LAWYER? Crystal…have a SEAT. U missed out… TOO BAD… write your book and get a few dollars, but that ship has SAILED for LITIGATION at this point…

  • 2bme

    Sooo she’s mad beacuse she’s not mentioned? She has no rights to the story..she had nothing to do with the group..she didn’t make those hits..sounds like she’s still bitter 20 years later..have several no one cares

  • 2bme

    20 years later and you are still bitter..this isn’t Destiny’s Child you aren’t Latavia and Letoya..at least THEY were actually on the songs, videos, interviews and performances through concerts..WHO are you again? You mad because you weren’t mentioned or something? Stop it already

  • grape

    Man…… I would still b pissed if it was my group!!! I think they should tell the whole story…i mean she was the “C” n TLC ….

  • Kia

    Ok she started a group called 2nd Nation. So why be mad about TLC she actually don’t have the rights to right TLC her story because T-Boz and Chilli owns the name so she had better be carefully, just like Zam Zhinga said that ship has sailed and 20 years later for real Crystal have a seat because you’re not going to win boo. You like it was said never made the songs did the interviews etc. YOU WE’RE FIRED GET OVER IT!!!!! And like I just said Crystal better be careful writing a book that has TLC on it because They own the right to the name. Don’t get sued and you already have no money.

  • kay p

    I think it’s fair to say that if she didn’t start a group with Lisa and Tionne and then shop that group – there would be no TLC….whether SHE was ultimately fired or not.

  • kk

    FIRST OF ALL, ‘her story’ isn’t long enough for a book. Get over it! Seriously. She would never had made “no scrubs” “Red Light Special” or “Waterfalls” as bomb as they did. THEY were meant to be.

  • A.Barnes

    Crystal Jones has every right to be upset, her dream and idea were stolen from her. She was replaced with Chili because someone felt Chili brought a better look to the group. I hope jones writes her book and tells the truth…….

  • Leroy Williams Jr.

    A. Barnes and Kay P are correct. Whether there should be a book or a legal action is one question. But there is no doubt that without Crystal, there would have been no TLC, period. We started a Facebook page in her honor back in February 2012 to let folks know she started the group. Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crystal-Jones-Appreciation-Page/379426605401362

  • andrea p.

    Really? Who said she started the group TLC? Not! She started the group 2nd Nature, 2nd Nature got an audition, Pebbles cut & replaced her, end of story. There is no story to be written about that. Yea if she hadnt started her group then tboz and left eye may have not had a chance, but it would’ve still been a TLC. Why is she just now speaking about it? Cause there was a movie and money involved. Some people are just money hungry and she bout dont have any. Why sue? Cause they said your name once? We wouldnt have known who you were if you hadn’t spoke up. Get over it, it’s a done deal. U don’t deserve any money from TLC cause that was not your group. Sorry, may be you should be careful about using their name for your book cause they have all rights to that name not you. Ask permission before you try to copyright somebody else name on a book

    • Pam Berry

      I would read the book,I am from the mindset that there are always 2 sides to every story.

  • mike b

    Yes I would like to hear her side of the story. Not interested in a book, for what? She is a footnote at best in the TLC story. Yes, she needs to, “have a seat” ( hilarious!) If she truly thought that she hsf been wronged, she would have been suing back when the group miwad selling millions of records.(was selling)

  • taylor

    i personally thinks its stupid for her to go out there wanna right a book and say something now , like she shouldve said something like 15 years ago crytsal can go have a seat ! she jealous bc chilli was better than her and by the looks she looked like she is a horrible singer

  • DIVA

    This should be education for some people if you are trying to invent, make or start anything make sure you have the legal papers in involved so when someone try to take you out the picture you have ground to stand on. Now as far as Crystal – it is too late now you should have did something at that time or years ago if you are the one that started the group.

  • kim

    I remember her ,she was there when they were broke because Pebbles did her wrong too.Not,she has no beef.And she will get no money.

  • Sie

    Omg like she seems biter because she wasn’t apart of it & i never heard of her till now !

  • crys

    Not interested in a book, but I keep reading she started 2nd Nature and was not part of TLC…not true…TLC was formed prior to her firing, she was the C (Tionne, Left Eye, Crystal). She can do what she wants, like each of us leaving a comment, she has a right to her view point.