Ear Hustlin’: Ex-TLC Member Crystal Selene Writing Tell All Book, Allegedly Suing Over ‘Crazy.Sexy.Cool.’ Movie

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While TLC and their respective fans are celebrating the upcoming release of their new VH1 biopic, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, Pebbles isn’t the only person involved in with the group that is taking issue. Allegedly, a woman by the name of Crystal Selene Jones has a bone to pick as well. So who exactly IS Crystal? We did a bit of digging and apparently, she’s the member that was fired from the group and was replaced by Chilli. Here’s how the story reportedly goes. In 1990, Crystal (who was a teenager at the time), wanted to form an all girl trio. Initially called ‘2nd Nature’, she put out a call for two more girls to join her. The Atlanta native found both T-Boz (real name Tionne Watkins), who had just moved from Des Moines, Iowa with her family to Atlanta and Left-Eye (real name Lisa Lopez), who had just moved to Atlanta from Philadelphia.

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So how did she eventually get a pink slip from a group that she actually formed? Reportedly, the group auditioned for Pebbles (real name Perri Reid) who loved them and renamed them TLC. After auditioning with LaFace Records, Pebbles decided that Crystal should be replaced by then back-up dancer Chilli (real name Rozonda Thomas). Fast forward to the present day and allegedly, Crystal is none too pleased with the movie. One of TLC’s fan page tweeted the following:

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While we can’t find the tweet above, here’s what we do know. Crystal is in the process of writing some type of book about TLC, titled: TLC…My Story. No word on if it’s already being shopped around or not.

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Story developing. P.S. Are you interested in hearing Crystal’s side of the story about TLC? 

crystal selene jones-ex tlc member-the jasmine brand