[EXCLUSIVE] Lil Mo Defends Gospel Artist Friend, Kevin Terry, After Alleged Sex Tape: ‘Kevin is a good guy…he’s mortified.’

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lil mo-defends-gospel artist kevin terry-sex tape leak-the jasmine brand

From what we’re told, Kim Kardashian’s vintage sex tape has nothing on a new sex tape involving and up-and-coming gospel artist, Kevin Terry. Recently, fans of the Washington native artist were shocked when an alleged YouTube clip leaked of the singer having an intimate moment of sorts with another man. After the story and clip spread like wildfire, Kevin shared the following statement below on his Facebook page:

kevin terry-gospel singer-releases statement post sex tape leak-the jasmine brand

Meanwhile, we had an exclusive interview with one of Kevin’s close friends, singer/reality star Lil Mo, asking for her to weigh-in on the unfortunate incident. Check out our conversation below.

Jasmine BRAND:

A ton of folks have been talking about the alleged sex tape of gospel singer Kevin Terry that’s been floating around for the past few days. I know you’re close friends w/ him. Have you spoken with him and how’s he handling this?

Lil Mo:

I haven’t spoken to him directly. I did get word he is mortified. I just want to hug him and say he will be okay. I can only imagine how he must feel. This is a low blow not only to his privacy, but some of the “deep and spooky” church folks are not praying for him. The comments I’ve seen people post, are just, hurtful.

Jasmine BRAND:

I believe he’s since released a statement, apologizing and admits he made a mistake. Do you think an apology was necessary?

Lil Mo:

No apology was necessary. But a damn search warrant and immediate arrest and *ss whoopin’ needs to be handed to the “messy queen” that sent him the email saying they was about to destroy him. Then leaked this. That is EVIL. Vicious. An unnecessary attack. I hate bullies yo. Let me calm down. I’m emotional. Kevin is a good guy.

Jasmine BRAND:

Last question, and its a bit “messy”, how would you rate the alleged “sex tape”? A, B, C or D?

Lil Mo:

Haaaaa! You tried it. I give it an A- only because he didn’t shed a tear. Nor did he gag. No shade. But when the smoke clears, I hope he can get a fresh start. We all done did some mess that if it leaked, babyyyyyy!

What are your thoughts on the alleged sex tape? Was an apology necessary? And if so, can fans forgive him? 

lil mo-defends-gospel artist kevin terry-the jasmine brand


    OOOOOH Jasmine, You so shady!! HAHAHA But I loved it. Rate his performance? LMAO!!! WERK! Thanks for all you do LUV!

  • nowords

    im disgusted by her response. and the fact that people feel like you can do whatever you want to do and call yourself a christian. you don’t have to call yourself one,after all. And if you do, it means that you are a follower of his word. that doesn’t mean calling him when you want/need something.that doesn’t mean doing whatever you want to do and ending it with “don’t judge me”. We are called to support one another and help each other through things.Not excuse any and every type of behavior. Nor do I condone condemning everyone to hell. He typed a whole lot of words but I’m not quite sure what he’s saying. blowing smoke it seems to me.

  • ms bailey

    Why is an apology in order, that’s his private life, are all his fans gonna apologize to him for their hidden sins, no becuz that’s between you and god ed

  • siarasheree

    Wow… she talks alot …smh..lol

  • Lynnsauntie

    @siarasheree Omg I was thinking the same thing. She’s like that messy friendthat tells all ur business. She’s a messy queen lol.

  • Mr.Markus

    wow!!! he should have known better to allow himself be video taped like that. that was just wreckless and clearly he was not thinking straight(but how could he when he getting his brain pushed around while goin H-A-M on the “MIC”… no need to come out of the closet and makeit official, because that video confirms errrrrthang. (aint no hiding now) HIS PR people are bout to put in work to earn them coins now!. careless,irresponsible, wreckless, malicious, mean, hurtful, and downright disrespectful on both ends (the giver annnd especially the receiver) he need a back alley a** whoppin for that. (fo real!!!)

    • darknlovely

      @mr.markus – – I agree……just disgusting. But the kicking part…he knew he was being taped. How could he NOT???? I’m not judging – – my belief, man w/ woman – woman w/ man. I’m just saying.

  • kim

    I know she has a right to her opinion.But,sometimes she needs to just be quiet.She says he’s a good dude.Well sometimes good people do stupid things.And you have to pay the price.