[VIDEO] Kenya Moore Tells Andy Cohen the Real Reason She Dated Walter Jackson, Confirms New Boyfriend Is An African Prince

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Finally, Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore fesses up about what he true intentions were with her ex-boyfriend, Walter Jackson. On her first season of the show, Kenya introduced Walter as her boyfriend, but as the season progressed, the couple broke-up and Walter claimed that their relationship was fake. In fact, he suggested that Kenya used him so that she could be on the show. Fast forward to the present day and there still seems to be some questions about their relationship. This week, season 6 premiered and Walter seemed a bit annoyed that Kenya continued to speak poorly of him on the show. After the episode aired on twitter, he wrote:

I’m sorry for being a likable person and a real friend and don’t rub people the wrong way! Wait a minute no I’m not! Real knows Real!…Anybody that knows me, knows I’m not a hater and haters get nowhere in life, so I can still tell SOMEBODY “Thank U” for keeping me relevant! @Andy and my REAL FRIENDS on the RHOA Thanks for keeping me relevant. Lol. I appreciate the love!!

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Kenya later appeared on Andy Cohen’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’, alongside Kandi Burruss. She didn’t address Walter’s twitter comments, but she did admit that her intentions with Walter had more to do with the fact that she wanted to be get married. She explained to Andy:

I don’t think I was ever…what’s the opposite of not being over…You know what? I disagree. I was into getting married, that was my problem. I was really, close…I was more focused on marriage and a baby then Walter and that’s the real…At the time, yet.

She also confirmed that she’s dating an African Prince:

I am. And I’m very happy. Yeah. Well, it might be a ring and it might not.

Check out the full clip below.

  • vapariga

    Kenya is just stuck on getting married and having a baby, to the first man who’s down! Now she’s talking about “there might be a ring or might not”. Already? Damn! She needs to let things happen on their own, and stop worrying about it so much. And on another note, WHY oh Why is Walter still a topic on this show? I could not believe the way she acted with NeNe at Cynthia’s reveal of the new location. That was ridiculous, mad at NeNe for inviting Walter to her wedding, for real?! This Walter thing is beyond old and she needs to move on.