Kerry Washington’s Hubby, Nnamdi Asomugha, Gets NFL Pink Slip + Ray Lewis & Other NFL’ers Slap Bank With $60 Million Lawsuit

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Looks like Kerry Washington’s NFL husband, Nnamdi Asomugha, may have some free time on his hands. According to the,  the 49ers waived the veteran cornerback to replace him with fellow defensive back Eric Wright. No word on the 32-year-olds next move.

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And in more sports news, SuperBowl champ and ESPN analyst Ray Lewis wants his money back. Lewis and sixteen other current and former are suing North Carolina based BB& T bank for close to $60 million in investment losses. According to reports, the players are accusing the bank of allowing financial advisor Jeff Rubin, owner of Pro Sports Financial, to open accounts in their names and use their money in phony investments. The lawsuit also mentions that Rubin and his employees forged the athletes signatures, making millions in dollars in unauthorized investments. The athlete’s attorney Andrew Kagan explained,

Without powers of attorney, without authorization. I mean, clearly forged documents. They were using this account to wire money in and out to different things that Jeff wanted to.

Further adding,

It’s unbelievable that this could happen, and happen to so many people. Unfortunately, BB&T [formerly BankAtlantic], ignored plenty of red flags and allowed tens of millions of dollars to be transferred from clients’ accounts without their knowledge or permission. The sad thing is that by allowing this to happen, the bank has caused irreparable harm to the clients and ruined lives in the process. The money that was supposed to have supported these guys for the rest of their lives has been taken from them and many have been left with nothing. This is truly a tragic story.”

Rubin was banned in 2012 for life because of other similar high risk projects resulting in 32 players losing close $40 million dollars. Former pro player Terrell Owens says he lost $6.5 million (who has a separate case) and Lewis almost $4 million. The case is heading to federal court. [Yahoo Sports, CBS Baltimore]

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