Chris Brown Probation Revoked, Ordered Off Medical Marijuana

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 Chris Brown probation revoked in Rihanna case.

Chris Brown returned to court Monday afternoon. A Los Angeles judged revoked the 24-year-old singer’s probation against his Rihanna assault case. The judge’s decision was because of the latest assault charges filed against Chris in Washington, DC, this past October. Chris rocked bleach blonde hair and conservative brown suit.

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In short, the judge felt that the D.C. incident and complaint was proof that he was not obeying all of the laws, which is required when a person is on probation. The bright side (at least for Chris) is that Chris did not have to go into custody. However, he’s been taken off medical marijuana and must continue his weekly boot camp, along with new psychotropic drugs that he’s being prescribed. According to TMZ, Chris will return to court in February 2014. Outside of promoting his new single (‘Loyal’ featuring Lil Wayne and French Montana), Chris nor his camp has released an official statement.

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  • Cityboy


  • Anonymous

    He reallt needs to take those medsor seek therapy. Maybe this life style is too much for him or he needs a different group of people around him. It is really sad no one is reaching out to help him.

  • vapariga

    So sad. This boy was once on top of the world & now he’s going down the path of those hollywood stars who fall from grace and wind up like the Whitney’s, etc… I really hope he gets it together. He has so much talent but it seems as though he has yet to be fulfilled, like his inner soul is just empty & hurting. All we can do is pray for him.

  • DIVA

    Some people have to reach the bottom before they realize they are truly blessed. I pray he get it together because this is sad. He had a lot going for him. Some people just lose they mind when they get rich.

  • Steve

    True! If I became rich I wouldn’t lose my mind…hell with all the money he got he can buy a brand new one. Hahahaha