[VIDEO] Chris Brown Hearing Causes Drama Inside & Outside Court Room, Trey Songz Attends

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A bit of drama ensued, Monday afternoon, 24 hours after Chris Brown was arrested early Sunday on felony assault charges.

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In short,  a man claimed the hotheaded singer attacked him and broke his nose in the nation’s capital. The 24-year-old singer is still on probation for beating his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. Monday afternoon, the arraignment was scheduled for 1 p.m., but according to reports, there has been a bit of commotion inside and outside the courtroom. DC reporter Bruce LEshan for Channel WUSA 9, provided the following updates:

At least 6 in @chrisbrown family can’t enter. Courtroom too full. Lawyer for @chrisbrown bodyguard says could be 5:30 before judge calls case. Members [email protected] entourage argue loudly w cops after ordered back into hall. @TreySongz yells at US Marshals @chrisbrown courtroom. Demands entry. @wusa9 @chrisbrown lawyer intervenes with marshals to get family in courtroom. @wusa9 @TreySongz Extra marshals flood hallway @chrisbrown hearing after loud argument w @TreySongz and family. @wusa9 Marshals arrange special escort for @chrisbrown and family if he gets out. Reporters complain special treatment. @wusa9 @chrisbrown SUVs stationed on C St outside courthouse, hoping to take him home. @wusa9 Bailiff runs employees out of ctrm to make room for @chrisbrown family. @wusa9 @chrisbrown lawyer meeting w his mom in side room. Lawyer sez no idea when hearing will start. @wusa9 Court source says @chrisbrown almost certain to be released after hearing, even if charges continue. @wusa9

Here’s a short clip of Trey Songz entering court room with Chris’s mother.

Stay tuned for additional updates. [DDOT Omen]