Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell Blames Herself For Husband Cheating: ‘I assume full responsibility’.

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Instead of pointing the finger at her husband, gospel singer/reality star Tina Campbell is taking ownership for her part in her troubled marriage. If you’re fans of the popular gospel group, Mary Mary, it’s highly likely that you heard the alarming news, when Tina shared that her husband, Teddy, had been unfaithful in their marriage. She’s talked about it in her explosive EBONY magazine interview, along with the group’s reality show. And now that the smoke has cleared, she’s giving more insight. In an interview with CNikky she says:

“I Tina assume full responsibility for the issues that I contributed to the relationship.  I was controlling, talked too much.  And you can never be heard over me because when I wanna talk I got the floor and ain’t nobody gonna get it from me until I give it up.  Real talk. That was the way it was and I have to work on myself. You know what I mean?  I was selfish.  When we started having children it’s like, I forget that I have a responsibility as a wife.  And I’m questioning you like, ‘Really, what you want me to do?  I gotta baby!’  

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She adds that she didn’t realize it at the time, but she made her spouse feel small. She shares:

Even though that’s sometimes what you’re faced with, that ain’t the right spirit to do it in. And what happens is, you’re going on and you’re busy and you’ve got children and you’ve got work.  And what happens is your husband is last and you don’t realize that he’s last.  And if he has a problem with being last you’re like,’Well, what am I supposed to do?  You know that I’ve got a career? You know that I’ve got these babies, you’re the one that got me pregnant!’  You want your husband to be the man and to take his place, but because ‘I’m a strong woman, I’m a this woman and I’m a that woman’ we busy stepping on our man.  Making him feel small.  And you know what?  I did that. And I take responsibility for that.

What are your thoughts on Tina’s perspective? Do you agree that she played a part in her husband cheating?

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  • orange

    She’s absolutely right. How many times have we heard it’s the man’s fault for not being there emotionally and not being attentive enough to his wife, if his woman cheats on him?

    • Lyntee

      She’s absolutely right; my ass! What happened to, for better or for worse? He didn’t have a problem with the money(or work) she was making. Helping to support their family. He is absolutely wrong. He wasn’t going to tell her she found out. He was also in a committed marriage in the eyes of GOD. This is a generational curse in her family. Their father (cheated) did the same thing(season #1) to their mother(she constantly took him back & made excuses). He needs to take full responsibility for his actions and stop allowing his wife to take the blame for his action. In the end GOD is not going to question her about working & help supporting the family. He’s going to ask him about the family, adultery etc.. Its in the word. Been there and done this. Wish them the best~

      • Michelle

        This is what is wrong with people. She is taking responsibility for HER part. She is taking responsibility for HER behavior. She’s not justifying the cheating. He’s an adult, he did what he wanted to do. She’s trying to heal. Part of healing means being honest with yourself and she’s doing that.

    • Diane

      If Erica really want to know “why he cheated” she can ask God through His Holy Word and I can guarantee her God will answer. God did me after 22 solid years of being together. My answer is Proverbs 7th Chapter.

  • Anonymous

    I would not take full acceptance

    • Anonymous

      I agree. It is not totally her fault. Yes she has a part, but when we as women take full responsibility for a mans mistake that sends a signal to him that he didn’t do anything wrong, so I guess it is okay. It is not okay and he needs to own up to his part.

    • Anonymous

      She didn’t take full responsibility for all of it, but the part she contributed too. I remember on the show, Tina was giving her younger sister advice on marriage and saying how she took a lot of things out on her husband.

      • Anonymous

        She didn’t take full responsibility for all of it, but the part she contributed to…

        • Darknlovely

          But the part “he” contributed is what broke her! Dahh….which part is stronger or the lesser of the two evils? Come on….Biblically she can divorce – I think when God show you something believe them.

  • Bri

    I do agree to a certain extent. While a woman certainly can’t make a woman cheat because they are in control of their own bodies, sometimes you have to look at what role you played in that and how to make it better. A lot of women are too ashamed to do that because they think it makes them look weak. So I applaud Tina for working on herself to make her marriage stronger and I hope her husband works on himself also.

    • Bri

      *Meant make a man cheat

  • Thee KO Show

    I totally agree with Tina. I’m glad that her and Teddy we’re able to work it out. God is good! I was once in a marriage like that and I would often talk to my ex about how I felt and it would often come off as me not being man enough. Now that we’re divorced, I have to admit it has damaged me from getting into another relationship. I now just focus on building my brand and feel less of myself.

  • Darknlovely

    R U serious? Her fault….she has NO control over his actions and nor does he over hers. Married or not. You choose your own destiny and he probably cheating before but just got caught this time. Give me a break. Wow! She seem angry anyway…it appeared they had problems long before this.

  • DIVA

    Ok, I can see where she can take blame for things going wrong in her marriage because the things she said about herself are truly her. You can see that when you watch the show BUT taking full responsibility for Teddy cheating…hmmm…I don’t think she should put that on her. If they where having marital problems why couldn’t he had did something else to get her attention like trying to communicate more but to go out and have an affair with someone else that is not right. He also did not think of the fact that he could have brought her something home that could have been deadly while he was out having fun. But hey if she forgives him so be it but I wouldn’t take FULL RESPONSIBILITY that is a lot to take on and since she feels that way that is just giving him the right to go do it again and then say well you didn’t change that’s what made me do it again.

  • southernbella1920

    Nah, Tina…you’re not fully responsible. Your action may have played a part in him seeking solitude elsewhere, but you didn’t pick up the penis and place it in another woman’s vajajay…that was his decision.

  • I think both should take responsibility for the cheating but one thing for sure she needs to stop being so judgemental towards her sisters especially Goo with her relationships.

  • kim

    See this type of nonsense is why woman have low self esteem.If there are problems n our marriage.You and I should go get help.YOU,don’t decide to go outside our marriage to be with another woman.Can this other woman help our marriage?Is she a therapist?Or is she just”fixing”him?No woman should justify a man disrespecting her.

  • Chanele9boots

    I was shocked she would say she takes full responsibility for her husband cheating on her– but her quotes don’t really say that. It sounds like she’s being an adult and saying she realizes she made mistakes in her marriage and could have/should have done a better job nurturing her relationship with her man. I do applaud her for owning her part and working on herself, but I don’t think anyone can make anyone cheat. If you aren’t happy and can’t make it work, separate or divorce. He could’ve sent the same message by asking for a temporary separation while they figure things out. Cheating is never the answer.

  • Anonymous

    I think cheating is something that the individual has to take responsibility for. No one can make you do anything. There has to be a desire there in order for it to be carried out.

  • Anonymous

    So how is it that even though they were clearly having problems he was judging a twerking competition at the BET Awards.This woman pushed out a bag of kids for this man so it wasn’t the sex.He’s greedy and should’ve went to her before he stuck his peepee elsewhere.He could’ve gave her STDs.She didn’t cheat.Teddy is scum for letting her accept blame.

  • Anonymous

    Tina God Bless you but it’s NOT YOUR FAULT.Don’t teach your children this foolishness

  • Anonymous

    Did we forget that it was her cousin he was with? Yes, she was on wendy williams and said it.

  • vapariga

    Its good that she can admit to HER faults, however, I don’t agree that she should take “full responsibility” for his actions. Sounds like he or someone has flipped the script on her with reverse psychology…now she’s making excuses for his cheating. WTH is wrong with these women?! First Gabrielle Union, now her. Yeah ok, they’re men are going to keep right on doing what they do. I admire her for wanting to work on her marriage, hell, with all those babies they really need to but proceed with caution and as someone else said above, don’t teach your children this foolishness. It was not ok for him to cheat, regardless. That’s where he should’ve come to her and had that conversation and tried to work on things, not now for the world to see. Please! I don’t fall for that b/s. There’s too much disease out here, he was just wreckless. SMH…

  • Anonymous

    Tina Tina Tina…u didn’t cheat on him so why is it okay for him too.

  • Anonymous

    Who will Tina blame the next time he cheats….it is only in a matter of time. I don’t know of any relationship where the woman forgave and there was no more cheating. What has happened here is that Tina has given him the authority to cheat on her again.

  • Susan Miller

    I think it is sad, that a woman blames herself for her husbands cheating. That is screwed up. No matter what a person says or does their spouse has the responsibility to stay faithful . Tina admitting that she contributed to their marriage having issues is fine, but to absolve his infidelity is sickening to me. There is NEVER an excuse for a man to be unfaithful. EVER and what does that tell her daughters when they read this in the future? Tina you cannot make a man unfaithful , that is on him.

  • Tyra

    I peeped Teddy’s game from season 1. I’m sorry guys to be the barer of bad new’s but Teddy is only sorry he butt got caught. He was not about to give up being some lil philly’s big daddy oppose to Tina’s sperm donor & mr mom. It’s clear she the majr bread winner in family & that’s cool for some but that is a for sure disaster in the treatment these poor saps get (Apollo husband of Phaedra of RHOA) who goes & blows 4 to 8 thousand bucks in a nite in a strip club. She’s blaming herself b/c I’m sure she was a beast, being the leading $$ maker. The ego that comes with recognition & a lil bit of celebrity is off the chain especially for our people since we not use to having a comfortable coin on the regular. At age 43 soon to be 44 my self with 2 son age 24 & 14 divorced from a 10 yr marriage well over 10 yrs ago. Working in the entertainment industry for a very well known artist as well as in the adult entertainment world 5 years after that ending almost ten yrs ago. I have seen more than the average everday girl or lady will ever imagine to see that actually goes on in the minds heads of men. Tina ain’t going no where, she blaming herself due to her contributing to his wayward actions that would have jumped off if she was sweet as pie & home every night with only 2 kinds by him instead of five. Bottom line, men think feel & process things different from women. They are immature, selfish, arrogant, visual creatures. They will only be faithful once maturity, life experiences, self control, understanding the concept of respect & treating one as you want to be treated sets in. Women, ladies, girls you will never be able to get an man there he much mature & develop that level of life & maturity on his own which a lot not all but more than we want to believe have never & will never reach. She ain’t going no where, he will continue to dip & creap but just a lil bit better. He will be a bit more selective in how he cheats as well as who he cheats with. Since his spot has been blown up, he has to wait till the dust settles!! I bet you guys he still communicates & have never stopped thru all this crap with a couple of the ladies he was cheating with. I was on tour with group KORN but with another artist. One of the band members told me that it’s new kitty katt vs old kitty katt PERIOD regardless of how the girl looks!!

  • SBF

    Aww honey, don’t blame yourself for that man! If you want to feel a little guilty so be it, maybe things could have gone differently but the steps that you could have made are the same that he could have made. He has just as many kids to take care of as you, he has as much work to do as you, he has just as much as you to contribute to ya’lls marriage and if he was feeling lonely, neglected because of all the other stuff that needs to be done, then so were you but YOU didn’t go have affairs, he did and that is his fault. He should have been a stronger person, a stronger man in your marriage to understand that he needed to do something to fix it. If he loved you that much, he would have fought for his wife first rather than get the meaningless attention he wanted elsewhere because that’s exactly what he got. So the effort he put into getting that attention, should have been the effort he used to fight for ya’ll. Don’t think that you taking the blame for him changes who he is as a person, the only thing that will change is that you will want him there up under you so it doesn’t happen again and that is not what marriage is about. You have given your family the opportunity to be successful with your talent and presence. That is something he should be proud of and appreciative of, and for years of the hard work you have put in to sustain a career and a family, he should have given you that respect as his wife and his other whole (not half), but HE did not and YOU shouldn’t take the blame for it.

  • Kayecy

    I think Tina is trying to justify her decision to stay with Teddy by blame excusing his behavior by blaming herself. I totally disagree that being a strong woman in anyway excuses her husband to be weak. According to the bible iron sharpens iron. The stronger to woman all the more stronger should the man be in all aspects including fidelity. The reverse is true as well.
    It is really disheartening to me as a strong black female to hear these words coming from another strong female. Teddy shouldn’t be 50% responsible for his actions he is 100% responsible for his actions???period!

  • Tina it’s time for you to pick yourself up and dust yourself off God has forgiven us for all of our sins so you have to forgive Teddy to move forward you just said in your statement that you didn’t let him be first in your life and that he was always last don’t do that to yourself let him where the jacket for a little while ask God to heal your heart and mine so that you can move on, There’s just one thing I want you to remember and that is that you have children with this man and that at one time you truly did love him…And remember the old saying what don’t kill you will only make you stronger you are the rock of that FAMILY he just made a mistake he was selfish and disrespectful…Please Just Turn It Over To Jesus Whatever It Is….I Love You LADIES VERY MUCH KEEP YOUR HEAD UP ! ! ! Tina Just Let Go And Let God…

  • I’m up looking at Mary Mary and my heart goes out to you Tina,from day one I loved you because of how strong you are, Not saying that I don’t Erica but remember your song says (Go get it) There’s a reason for EVERYTHING just turn it over to Jesus and he’ll make it alright…Remember one thing for sure and that is that God said that he would never leave you and he has been there for You all this time have you lost faith in Jesus…Just Try Jesus One More Time…..

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