[WATCH] Gospel Sisters ‘Mary Mary’ Address Their Own Gossip on Wendy Williams

Mary Mary on Wendy Williams6

For years, sister act singers, Mary Mary, have produced hits that blended worship with trendy tunes that made it somewhat cool to blast their good word in your car. After over a decade of musically working side by side they’ve decided to split and thanks to their WEtv self-titled reality show, we are able to watch it unfold.

Everything that humans face in life we had to face in front of the whole world.

The reality stars stopped by the Wendy Williams show to tell their own gossip—and it’s lots. From the church denouncing Erica as too sexy“hips and boobs, I was in the illuminati because of my hands, their praying hands to me,” and Tina’s husband cheating, “well people, life got real and I revealed it”.  The high in faith group reminded us with their sit down with Wendy, that they are still human and realities of life has hit them hard this season.

Check out what they revealed to the host below.

Mary Mary on Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams: What do we expect this season?

Erica: Whoa, everything from a loss of a parent, changes in the career, to infidelity. Everything that humans face in life we had to face in front of the whole world.

Wendy Williams: You are now a solo artist.

Tina: She left me.

Mary Mary on Wendy Williams6

Wendy Williams: Tina, what’s going to happen?

Tina: I needed a break. I would have been 13 years non-stop. I’m pregnant every other year…I was like I love this, I live for this, I would do it if there was never a check, a Grammy, or never anything, but I’m burnt out on it. Which means its time to stop, recover, rest, enjoy some other part of life, and come back. She never stops.

Wendy Williams: Your husband Erica, is the manager of Mary Mary?

Erica: No, he’s just the producer and we’ve been writing songs and producing songs since record number 1. So he’s been with us for the entire ride. He’s felt me wanting to do a little more but never wanting to push my sister, sometimes I did, but she didn’t like it and you can’t force somebody to do what they don’t want to do. I love that this solo journey includes her being my cheerleader. She helped me write the song that got me nominated for a Grammy and it was my first song. So because I have her cheering me on, its for the better.

Mary Mary on Wendy Williams3

Wendy Williams: Tina, your dealing with a lot. It was revealed in Ebony Magazine that your husband stepped out on you, and with a friend!

Tina: Well people, life got real and I revealed it, I don’t like being hostage to my own secrets.  I’ve

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