Torrei Hart Says Kevin Hart Jumped Into New Relationship Too Soon, Isn’t Convinced He Should Marry Enikko Parrish

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Courtesy Kevin Hart; Inset: theJasmineBRAND

 It’s no secret–Kevin Hart is madly in love with his long-term girlfriend, Eniko Parrish. As of late, Kevin has spoken openly about his plans for marriage, posting lovey-dovey Instagram messages about her and even walks the red carpet with her.

His now ex-wife, Torrei Hart, is happy for her ex-husband, but feels that the comedic rock star rebounded after their split–jumping into a fresh relationship. She told Sister 2 Sister magazine:

It’s so painful. I just feel like there’s ways to do things, too. When we first split up, I took a lot of time to just heal. I feel like he hasn’t even really healed, because he went from one relationship right into another relationship.

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Kevin often refers to Eniko has his ‘rib’, but Torrei isn’t convinced that she believes him. She says:

It’s easy to be somebody’s rib when you’re a millionaire. That’s just me being as honest as I can. Me, for instance: You’re working at City Sports and I’m taking you to your shows, you’re driving my car, you’re

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  • K.

    She needs to stop with the comparisons. She sounds bitter.

    • siarasheree

      I think she’s drumming up publicity for the show…however, she does sounds bitter and rightly so.. if I did all that for a man and he get with the next woman and act like she’s been there from the beginning ..i may be looking side ways too..lol !!

  • kim

    she doesnt sound bitter, she sound like an ex wife who knows her ex husband, her childrens father, her friend, someone she help to start from the bottom now he’s here! she has years of insight into him and the new girl come on yall he now a millionaire, if he was still working at the shoe store ole girl wouldnt payless I can bet the farm on that.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think she’s bitter.She’s just coming from her point of view.I will say it’s none of her business how he deals in his relationship.She should only be concerned with how this woman interacts with her kids.I do wonder if a woman that looks like that would be interested in him if he wasn’t Kevin Hart?

    • vapariga

      @Kim – I agree with you on that. I don’t think Enikko would give him the time of day either if he wasn’t who he was. I also believe Torrie STILL has a lot of love for him and probably wants her man back deep down. It may come off as bitter to some but I think bitter is the wrong word. Just by her saying “it’s painful” you can tell she loves him way past being the father of her children. And she’s not acting bitter at all. Well, time will tell if Kev is making a mistake or not. That paper (Money & Marriage Certificate)changes thangs!

  • Mrs.Vee

    This is why women should in invest in themselves!!! Not ever a man !!!!

    • KD

      I concur 10000%….and she does sound bitter. If you’ve moved on and so has he and your “ok” with his new relationship why is it a topic of every interview that you do??
      You can love someone and support them but that doesn’t mean you are meant to be together. That was your season with him and that season has passed…now we don’t know all the details of the entire marriage but come on Torri LIG!!!

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  • love

    LOL!!! Kevin looks so tiny in that pic.

  • Bri

    She definitely sounds bitter. Why is their relationship any concern of hers? You never discuss someone else’s relationship. Mother of his kids or not. That’s not her place to say he moved on too fast or they aren’t really in love. She is the one still doing interviews and basing a reality show on her ex-husband. Kevin admitted his wrong and I have never heard him bad mouth her. Everytime she talks, she is saying something a little shady about his new life. Sounds like you need to let go boo. Women gonna learn to stop trying to be Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale. Giving up your life to make your man’s dream happen is never a good deal! Because where does it get you? Left!