[VIDEO] Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 2: Mimi Faust Finds Dignity, Kirk Frost Admits He’s In A Sexless Marriage + Karlie Redd Finds New Love

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Everyone’s been talking about VH1?s hit series “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” and the buzz helped the season 3 premiere on Monday, May 5th at 8:00 PM ET/ PT deliver incredible ratings. According to VH1, over 3.8 million total viewers tuned in to the season premiere at 8:00 PM to catch the series’ signature brand of drama, music, temptation and love. When combined with the 9:30 PM ET/ PT encore, 5.6 million total viewers tuned in to watch the action unfold last night.

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Last night (May 8th), the second episode aired, picking up where things left off. The biggest story line prevailed, with Mimi Faust’s boyfriend Nikko suggesting that the couple use their leaked sex tape for their monetary benefit. Karlie Redd also introduced us to her new boyfriend, rapper Young Jocc.

Check out the full episode below.

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  • m&m

    I SO believe Mimi knew nothing about the tape being leaked. I totally agree with her friend Arian (sp)- Nikko [email protected]@ leaked that tape, made ole boys give him a non-disclosure so he could never be found out, so he can profit from their private sex affair, ruin Mimi’s relationship with Stevie forever, and get back at Stevie for embarrassing him on the last reunion. All the while not giving a damn about the innocent daughter of Mimi’s trapped in the middle. Nothing about Nikko’s expression in that episode was genuine. He was too eager to make that money.
    1- how did the porn company know to find and contact him about a tape somebody stole from a random luggage bag? isn’t Mimi more famous than him?
    2- how did he have a whole pre-planned conversation ready for Mimi about profiting?
    3- why didn’t HE ask about how he got the tape instead of Mimi?

    • Joy

      I said the same thing! My gut tells me that Nikko planned all this…MiMi look too distraught and those tears looked real when he told her about the luggage being stolen and the camera being in their…she was devasted!!!