Iggy Azalea Slams Ex Nick Young Over Cheating Scandal – It’s Never Gonna Be A Cute Joke!

Nick Young, Iggy Azalea circa 2015

Iggy Azalea Slams Nick Young Over Cheating Scandal – It’s Never Gonna Be A Cute Joke!

It’s safe to say that no one who has been paying attention was surprised to learn that the Golden State Warriors swept the Cleveland Cavaliers last week. What may have caught you off guard, however, were the comments made just after the win.

Nick Young

Warriors player Nick Young  (aka Swaggy P) who now wants to be known as Swaggy Champ, was found outside the locker room by a gaggle of reporters who wanted to know what was going through his mind right after the Warriors won their second championship in two years. Young stated,

[11 years… 11 year though] … But I’m here now… but I’m here now… champs, we champs… hey look, man I’ve come a long way, haven’t I? I went from being snitched on to put a ring on… I’m a champ… swag champ is here… [hey Nick, what do you think of everything coming full circle] Man, you already know we been down since the underground…

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Many social media spectators believe that Young’s comments referenced his break up with his now ex-fiancé Iggy Azalea. She wasted no time taking to social media to clear the air,

I want him to stop referencing the sh*t he did as if it’s funny or even cool just because it’s old now. I’ve moved on but it’s never gonna be a cute joke to make, Congrats on the win tho.

This breakup occurred between Azalea and Young back in 2016, when she took to IG to report she had broken up with the now NBA Champ, due to his infidelity.

Nick Young & Keonna Green

He is said to have cheated with ex Basketball Wives cast member Keonna Green, who he is currently dating and shares two children with. Young, who’s spent the last 11 years in the NBA and just received his first championship title, made light of the reference on his own social media stating,

Not even about her unless she snitch pls stop trying.

Some of us can’t help but wonder to whom he was referring then. Perhaps, the other NBA player who is believed to have of leaking his taped confession in which Young admitted to cheating on Azalea with
other women, including a 19-year-old that he’d met at a club. Or, is there something else that Nick wants us to know?

What do you think?

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Authored by: Kellie Williams