The Game Pens Letter to Assistant Lolo: She Loves Me Unconditionally!

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The Game (real name Jayceon Taylor) wants it crystal clear, his relationship with his assistant, Lolo, is strictly platonic. Earlier today, the Marrying the Game reality star penned a lengthy Instagram post, declaring how much he loves and appreciates Lolo. It’s her 25th birthday and he promises her the world for her unwavering hard work and loyalty to him.

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He writes:

Her….. Let me tell you a little bit about “Her”. #1 she is the best friend that I have in this world & probably the next. She has done in 3 years what no one has managed to do in all my years on earth & that’s love me unconditionally !!! Some people say it, some come close to actually pulling it off but no one has successfully been there for me day in & day out no matter the weather, task or support needed…. This girl right here is “MY NIGGA” !!!! Not my WOMAN, not my GIRLFRIEND, NO WE

AINT F*CKING & to honestly be able to say that I’ve been to be around a woman this beautiful, fly, dope, smart & all around AMAZING & be able to maintain our friendship says all it needs to say about her character & loyalty to me, my children & my family.

There’s not one thing in the WORLD I wouldn’t give her, & although she might know that…. She hasn’t onced asked me for anything…. She works her ass off, plays her position & never complains about a f*cking thing & that alone gave her an eternal place in my heart as long as it beats !!!! I love you with all my heart Lo & you will forever be appreciated as a gift from God to my life at a time when only he knew I needed someone to help redirect my life into a positive light… I’m FOREVER in debt to you & I wish you the most amazing 25th birthday EVER !!!! & since I’m right here, I guarantee it will be everything it’s supposed to be……. As long as I’m alive, you ain’t got to worry bout a mothafuckin thing !!!!! #LaFamilia

In the past, there have been numerous reports that the two were secretly dating. But according to the message above, it’s untrue.

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11 Comments to “The Game Pens Letter to Assistant Lolo: She Loves Me Unconditionally!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I salute you sir.Not many men speak about or to women like that nowadays.But,I guess you would have to behave like a lady to here a man speak that way about you.

    • NAT says:

      I agree! Most women in the industry are either thirsty for a come up, or will do anything to come up. They dont know what true friendship is. I salute The Game and Lo for being the dope woman she is!

  2. […] to TheJasmineBrand.com, The Game penned the emotional message in honor of Lolo’s 25th birthday, and in it he thanks her […]

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe if he used that same emotion and respect for the mother of his children. They would actually be married and a family. Instead of the broken mess they are now!

    • Anonymous says:

      Awww while Jayceon Taylor is professing his appreciation for his “assistant”…his long time fiance( now the ex, Tiffany Cambridge) is left with the realization that the man she almost married has the capacity to shout from the mountain top how much he will love and take care of somebody else for as long as he lives!!!! OOOOUUUUUCCCCCHHHHHHHH.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I also agree with the above. Most women would try to come up having that position as an assistant. He knows she is a lady and conducts herself in that way. He respects her and she respects him for who he is. Love that friendship!!!

  4. Breez says:

    I agree with the above comments, but can’t help but feel his oh so deep sentiments are also a not so subtle jab at his ex-Tiffany. I’ve never heard him express such deep feelings for her. And to say that no one, not even the woman you were with for 9 years loved you unconditionally? Nuh uh, I feel like he was also trying to be funny. It could also just be me though…but just sayin’.

    • siarasheree says:

      As I read that, I was thinking if I was his fiancee’ I would feel some type of way… But.. hey thats his best friend…

  5. m&m says:

    “the next” what???? just curious.

  6. Anonymous says:

    How can anyone agree with this garbage. If you just think back to the 1st season of marrying the game Tiffany his fiance and “ride or die” called off their engagement because he decided to take the same asst with him to another country over her right before their wedding. I doubt she was shocked by his love letter for his “friend”

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