Pusha T McDonald’s Diss Track Gives Arby’s An $8 Million Boost

Pusha T McDonald’s Diss Track Gives Arby’s An $8 Million Boost


It looks like Pusha T helped out Arby’s in a major way!

The “Diet Coke” rapper recently collaborated with popular fast-food restaurant Arby’s to help promote their new spicy fish sandwich! On the new Arby’s commercial, “Spicy Fish Diss,” which premiered Monday (Mar.21), Pusha T takes a shot at Arby’s competitor– McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich.

Following the release of the song, it appears the “Daytona” rapper helped the fast food franchise in a major way! According to a tweet from business analyst Darren Rovell on Tuesday (March 22), Arby’s collaboration with Pusha T is already garnering the company big bucks!  Rovell tweeted,

“Value to Arby’s through 7pm ET: $8,203,272 in equivalent advertising exposure, according to @ApexMarketing”

Pusha T

It didn’t take long before Pusha T caught wind of the good news! He took to Twitter and wrote some bars to celebrate his successful business venture.

“Critics he’s out of his mind, Haters he’s outta his prime…yet, always where the money’s at like lottery signs.”

It’s safe to say, fans were shocked by Pusha T’s unique collaboration with Arby’s. While it’s a playful diss track with a tone that is firmly tongue-in-cheek, it’s still a major diss against McDonald’s. Some of the lyrics read,

“I’m the reason the whole world love it. Now I gotta crush it. Filet-o-Fish is s**t. And you should be disgusted. How dare you sell a square fish, asking us to trust it. A half slice of cheese, Mickey D’s on a budget?”

With lyrics this hard, fans are even more excited about Pusha T’s highly anticipated album, “It’s Almost Dry”–which will be released April 8!

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Authored by: Monique Nicole