[VIDEO] TLC Addresses Rihanna Backlash: If You Have A Problem, Holler At Us — We’re GROWN Women!

Written by Sharifa Daniels in Blog
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Tensions rose last week when an interview with TLC falsely targeted Rihanna as the topic of conversation. The legendary girl group commented on keeping your clothes on and selling the message not your body and because if the shoe fits wear it, the Aussie company placed an image of Rih Rih as an example and the singer came to the defense. Along with her millions of followers, the singer turned her background into images of the women, when they were a trio, posing topless covering their boobs before referring to them as “old thots.” Rihanna-tweets-3 Rihanna TweetRihanna Tweets

While their adjacent images are child’s play to her lucrative sans clothes career, the damage was done and the girl group is now on damage control. After being mum on the situation with only T-Boz’s 13-year old daughter speaking eloquently and respectfully on the subject matter on Ask.Fm that hit home for her:


T-Bozs daughters comment

Ouch. The now duo group sat down with Yahoo Down Under to clear the air. Despite how biased their original opinion seemed anchored to the Bajan beauty, they fail to namedrop any one star.


They’re response reminds us that editing can turn an innocent answer into an unsolicited beef. Check out their interview below as the women clarify their original answers and justify their topless picture.

What question was geared towards Rihanna:

Someone asked a question, ‘have we seen Rihanna’s outfit’ and I said, ‘no’ because were over here touring and I didn’t know there was an award show and I had no clue what she wore.

How it got misconstrued:

Chilli: We never mentioned anything [about her].

T-Boz: The unfortunate part was we were giving a positive message to little girls. We were saying, ‘It’s cool if you don’t wear clothes, you can do what you want we don’t care’. We were talking to the little girls who want to be on television and be singers, even reality shows. You don’t have to be forced because a lot of record companies and labels say, ‘You got to take your clothes off.’

Chilli: We’re TV producers ourselves.

T-Boz: They even took my comment, ‘a spade is a spade,’ spliced and took it out of context to get a good story. I was talking about television shows and then you heard me say, ‘Every time we see you, you’re naked,’ and then they put her picture up, come on man. How could I talk about something I didn’t even see or care about? I’m over here.

Chilli: When we were talking about people not wearing clothes or being naked all the time, that’s just some people, its not just some artist, its actors, actress—and I said this, ‘If that’s their thing and they feel comfortable doing that, then cool; that works for them but you don’t have to go that route if you don’t want to and we don’t want people to think that’s what you have to do.

T-Boz: And we’re living proof.

On Being Straight Forward:

T-Boz: Yeah boo, check my record.

On Rih’s Twitter War:

Chilli: What’s not cool with if we have a problem with an artist or an artist has a problem with us, come to us directly, talk to us. Don’t start a Twitter war and all this kind of stuff, that’s silly.

Their Topless Picture:

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  • Anonymous

    More important than all of this nonsense…why did Tboz even let her 13 year old daughter respond to this? She should be off social media and concentrating on her studies = less grammatical mistakes with her writing….SMDH

    • Anonymous

      I agree. That could go very wrong.

  • kim

    I notice that Rihanna will talk real slick over social media.But,she rarely if any has a face to face with someone she’s beefing with.Like it or not she seems to show up naked and looking inappropriate lately.She’s a talented young lady.She doesn’t need to do that to get attention.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, never ever does she speak publicly. She uses social media for all her trash talk. She is not going to talk to chilli or t-boz.

      • Dee

        There is not need to respond face to face. She responded and everyone should move on.

  • kim

    She wanna call them old.The way she’s abusing her body,she better hope she looks that good at their age.

  • Anonymous

    We all have choices and in Rhianna’s culture, the body is revered. Fashion is subjective. People tend to impose their views onto others. Why not appreciate individuality!
    T-Boz daughter, although protective of her mother, placed too much value on their Does she accept Diana Ross and the Supremes, Aretha Franklin, Leotyne Price, Billy Holiday etc…with TLC success? Children should not fight their parent(s) fight. Respect the fact that your adult parent is capable of fighting their battles. As her mother stated, “mature” women. Another illustration of women disrespecting each other over something minor and insignificant. One can always say, I don’t comment on other artists or answer ambiguous questions.

  • Anonymous

    “too much value on their contribution to the success of other artists.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone has the right to their own opinion, BUT when said in public then you open the for judgement. Rihanna is a talented young lady and has done more then take her clothes off. Why is it that when people “mature in age” that’s when they want to speak on morals. So that means when they were in their younger years they did nothing wrong. Live your life and don’t pass judgement on others. There will be no beef, twitter war, or hate. make you money cause she is damn sure making hers.

  • kOkOqUEEN

    Both TLC and Rhianna are talented artists in their respective genres. That being said, please listen/read before commenting via social media. It seems, after reading this post, the original responses were “chopped’n’screwed” to create buzz. Rhianna should be wise enough to understand editing as an entertainer. These things happen, breath and keep it movin. Just my humble opinion

  • kOkOqUEEN

    …and I apologize to any Rihanna stans for misspelling her name…no dig intended..dont come for me..I apologized…

  • msindie

    Rihanna has no class. Point, Blank, Period, and truthfully isn’t all that talented, she has a great team of producers and managers behind her. She is going the Unorthodox route..sex sells.

    • Alaya_MingLee

      Agree 110%. She has hits, but her voice is very mediocre. Sex does sell…unfortunately

      • Dee

        Sex does sell but explain how her sexuality made her get the most #1 singles next to the Beatles? The cd’s do not contain nude pictures of her… I have gone to her concerts as well as Beyonce’s and Beyonce’s costumes are sexier than Rihanna’s and she has a better voice. Therefore chalk it up to individuality. TLC did not pave the way for Rihanna she is not in a girl group. There where other famous female groups before them.

        Lastly, they had successes but have no money to show for it.

  • Haley

    People have to loosen up, Diana Ross, Grace Jones, plenty of women before TLC and Rih have worn crazy clothes. These days people are so into the personal decision of entertainers that they can’t see past the fact that there are in indeed “artist” and entertainers. Everybody isn’t a role model, and everybody isn’t someone to take so seriously. Trust, there would have been someone to take TLC’s place in the 90’s. Kinda tired of folks acting like one singer/actor/entertainer created it all. I’m sure her kid is defensive, but these kids gotta stay out of grown folks’ business as well. Rihanna on the other hand, you have to take it or leave it. We have this girl who’s been doing her thing all this time. Then we have women like Bey who after years and years or entertaining longer than Rih is just now “coming out her shell” and realizing she can do what she wants because she was scared of what folks might think of her.

    • Dee

      EXACTLY. Also, why not commend Rihanna for her 22 charities and the fact that her sold out mac collection proceeds are all donated to the aids foundation.