[VIDEO] Tamar Braxton & Syleena Johnson Address Blue Ivy’s Hair + Beyhive Attacks Syleena For ‘ODB’ Comment

Written by Sharifa Daniels in Blog
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Oftentimes, when Blue Ivy (the famous daughter of Jay Z and Beyonce) makes a ‘public’ appearance, her hair becomes a trending topic. However, her most recent outage with her father topped the cake of most negative banter from Beyhive critics. On this week’s V-103 “The Ryan Report,”  Keke Wyatt, Tamar Braxton, and Syleena Johnson joined Amber Smith of the Ryan Cameron Show to do a run down on this week’s headlining news and B.I.C. was thrown in the mix. Each chimed in on their thoughts.

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On Blue Ivy’s Hair:

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  • Anonymous

    This is the same thing they did to Gabby Douglas instead of focusing on her winning we talked about her hair. Beyonce and Jay know what they are doing. Can we please focus on something more important?

    • Anonymous

      AMEN, Blue is their child and Tamar Braxton looks like a horse, all the weaving hair-on will not help that.

  • Ima keep it 100. Being from TEXAS if my moma would go out the door with my hair like that people would talk about my mom till no end. But lets Fast Forward times have changed. I seen allot of kids sit and don’t like their hair combed and parents don’t like to see them cry so in the baby case they don’t comb it. I will tell B an J do what you please. Its your child. Blue is beautiful. She is NOT her hair! BEGONEHATERS!

    • You are totally right Ateya, how are they going to judge a baby you feel me?

  • I think these chicks were totally out of order yo. That is a baby, what if someone talked about your child like that? Better yet, ladies and gentleman that are commenting on this blog post. What would you do if that was your child?

  • kim

    Tamar had a point.I know when your a new parent, you tend to let your young child dictate what you do.Like Tamar said if her son didn’t let her comb his hair she wouldn’t do it.I think that’s what it started out to be with Blue.She wouldn’t let B do it and it continued from there.I don’t think it was intended to be the natural look.She doesn’t put product on it or anything.I made a comment one time and I haven’t commented since.

  • Kimi

    Truth Hurts! I don’t feel like the 3 ladies were bad talking a baby. Blue Ivy is a cutie pie however, I too find it disgusting when the mother makes sure her appearance is on point and her child looks like they just woke up. Shame on Beyonce and her glam squad!

    • vapariga

      @ Kimi – totally agree. Yes, she’s 2, yes she’s their kid and can do what they want however, not that we “care” or are “judging the baby” but people are going to have an opinion no matter who she is! And like Kimi said, how is Mom & Dad ALWAYS gonna walk around on point but let that beautiful baby come out with her hair like that? It’s not cute. @ Ateya, you’re right too – times have definitely changed! Since the natural look thing is in, aybe they are just going with it or letting her dictate what they do. But who’s the parent?! Learning starts at Blue’s age, so I guess she’s telling them what to do; crying only lasts for a few minutes or they can even do it when she’s sleep….smh….new parenting. Never when I was growing up, so I don’t get it. I think little girls and boys hair need to be combed & presentable and that’s my opinion. I bet Beyonce’s hair was always combed and looking pretty when she was her daughter’s age!

  • Alaya_MingLee

    She’s like 2! Who cares?! Again, she’s 2 and never has to worry or want for anything!

  • m&m

    When the first pic was posted of Blue and her father this week, my first thought was- no they didn’t let her out the house in public like that!? But then I thought about Gabby- and this is NOT the same thing. Gabby was performing and people focused on the wrong thing. In this case, the child is not performing or has a job to do. Her very wealthy parents, and grandmother who is a hair stylist have allowed this to go on. The 3 ladies were talking about her parents, not the child. Nothing they said was wrong or out of order. Bey and Jay need to answer as to why they have a child who has unkempt hair. Same thing the Spice girl went through when she just shaved all her babies hair off bc she didn’t know what to do. The parents should be held accountable bc they would if they were everyday people who walked past you.

    • Anonymous

      It does not matter if she has a job or not that is their child. Why do we care????

    • Anonymous

      The word is “unkept” . Lol!!!

      • m&m

        No, no, no sweetheart. It’s spelled correctly. It’s “unkempt- not neatly combed, not properly maintained or cared for”.
        Not unkept- having been violated or disregarded as in “unkept promises”.
        – webster

        • Anonymous

          My bad you are correct!!! Now stop putting so much energy in this babies hair!!

          • Anonymous

            Actually you both are correct.

  • llawrence

    I don’t understand if these three tricks were doing an interview about them how did Blue Ivy’s name come up? Oh maybe cause they are not doing anything so that’s why it did. Tamar should have been preparing for her show in the ATL last night cause she was 1 and a half hours late and she got booed cause she was not live she was singing over a prerecored CD. Syleena last night was wearing a dress the was too small for her fat ass on her little reality show and KEKE was on there making ugly faces, is she on medication? Beyoncé could give a cat’s ass about what these tricks think about her baby’s hair she can buy and sell all three of these fake, fat, and crazy bitches. Get a career Bitches.!!

    • What

      See this is how rumors get started. They were not booing her, they were booing the DJ and she did not sing over a pre-recorded CD she sung live. This wasn’t an interview they were co-hosting the radio show and this was the day before her show.

  • Anonymous

    Jasmine can you please stop posting about this childs hair???

  • Lady Barroness

    We are not Blue Ivys’ parents. If this is what Bey & Jay want to do, who are we to judge. Blue you are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • Thee KO Show

    I’m glad I didn’t get the job at V103. This is the second interview that i’ve seen with Wanda and I do not care for her at all. As for Tamar, Keke and Syleena, why comment on a baby’s hair? Blue Ivy will STILL be sitting on plenty of money when you three are dead and gone so focus on your ends, not a child’s hair.

  • kOkOqUEEN

    Really…we have come to a point were folks are verbally attacking children…a sad day…the funny thing is, Jay & Bey aint thinknbout no Syleena, Keke nor Tamar…Keep your mouth off of folks kids..4real…that is classless and completely out of order…PERIOD..that little girl worth more than all them HEFFA’S combined…BLOOP..I said that and meant it!

  • This subject regarding hair is pathetic! These blond wig wearing phonies should be ashamed with the negativity towards this beautiful child. Blacks…get over the hair thing

  • There are to many important issues in the world to focus your energies on. Blu’s hair is natural….what’s under your wig cap….u are most likely envious of these stars. Get A Life…leave them alone…ask God why do you feel the need to put others down…insecure perhaps!

  • Love your comments Lawrence…Jay & Bey could give a F–K, as they live full exciting enjoyable lives. These 3rd rated singers need to check themselves before judging others!

  • Anonymous

    Tamar lets start with you,you talk about everybody and seem to never walk by a mirror.You tried to improve your looks with surgery and further f**k it up. Syleena you about as famous as my azz hairs.

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  • Kia

    Really Tamar looking like a muppet bah ha ha ha. And besides her mama and daddy are where you wanna be lmao