Todd Tucker Potty Trains 4 Month Old Son, Rachel Dolezal Debuts New Hair + Ja Rule Thinks Memes Equals Coins

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Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Todd Tucker is sorta-kinda potty training he and his wife’s son, Ace, already! Todd and his wife Kandi Burruss welcomed a son in January and he’s already in the beginning phases of being potty trained. Todd shared a photo of Ace on the toilet, with the caption:

@acewellstucker sleeps through the night with out peeing in his diaper. So I put him on the potty every Morning and he pees in the toilet! #daddydaycare

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And in totally unrelated news, Rachel Dolezal is sporting new hair. The former NAACP leader who was criticized for being untruthful about her race, shared an Instagram pic of her braids that were inspired by a Boondocks character. Sharing the pic, she writes:

Baby Langston wants held by his mommy 24/7, so I didn’t have time to braid all the way to the ends…#mommystyle– Reminds me of Jasmine from Boondocks ??

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And in other news, Ja Rule was dragged this week, for thinking that those popular memes of Michael Jordan crying actually make the former NBA player money. He tweeted and later deleted,

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After realizing that this was untrue, he tweeted.

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And he later posted on Instagram.
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Authored by: TJB Writer