[INTERVIEW] Exclusive: Mona Scott-Young Downplays Reality TV Fights, Hints LA Spin-Off ‘Coming Soon’

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Mona Scott-Young: That’s hysterical. Actually, Detroit doesn’t feel like its such a mid-west rural area, that’s a major city. Yeah, I’d love to do Detroit, I’d love to do Houston, Texas, so we have looked at a bunch of other cities, Miami I’ve looked at as well so we’re always looking to expand.
SB - Nicki Minaj - Mona Scott-Young-the jasmine brand
theJasmineBRAND.com: We’ve heard rumors of fights and whatnot with Tierra Marie, did anybody get banged up? Can you tell us what happened?
Mona Scott-Young: Nobody got banged up, no. You’ll have to stay tuned.
theJasmineBRAND.com: How long are you going to make us wait Mona?
Mona Scott-Young: Not much longer believe it or not, it’s gonna pop up before you know it.
Mona Scott-Young and Jennifer Williams 1
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