[Pink Slip Problems] Benzino & Althea Confirm They’ve Been Fired From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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It’s a cold, cold world in these reality TV streets. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta couple Benzino and Althea have received pinks slips from the network. Benzino, who has been on the show for three seasons, confirmed the news on Twitter, angrily venting his frustration.


He writes:

If yall think that it’s fair to bring them back but not us, then let @MonaScottYoung #lhhatl & @VH1 know….. Damn! Me and BaeBae was ready to come back after givin an amazing season 3 which broke all @VH1 records, we was gonna get married season 4 After having a zillion failed “ENGAGEMENTS” and “FAKE MARRIGES” they

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  • Anonymous

    Benz in and Althea did not make the show. Not sure why they were there anyway. The show will survive without the. No one wanted to see their wedding. Althea does not love him anyway and Benzino acts too thirsty!!!

    • Anonymous

      I did not watch the show from the beginning, a girl I know told me about the show and I was thinking about checking the show out this up coming season but after finding out about the changes and the two crackheads will coming back after the crazy fight I herd about there is no chance of me watching the show. Good Luck Next Season.

  • kim

    Maybe because he talks too much and to the wrong people.He accused Mona of being in a set up with Joseline and Stevie.He said after the fight at the reunion show.He seen Mona,Stevie and Joseline taking pics,and laughing it up.Like Mona had them jump on them to get ratings or something to that effect.Maybe you should not bite the hand thats feeding you,Just wondering.I could careless whos on the show.

  • Kimi

    I’m kinda over the entire love and hip hop empire. Its getting old fast. I feel like it has hit its peak, the main cast members have lost their dignity so the show has ran its course.