K. Michelle Accused of Skin Bleaching, Singer Responds + Denies Being Dropped By Label

Fans Accuse K. Michelle of Skin Bleaching

Singer/reality TV star K. Michelle has always been transparent about her bouts with plastic surgery, but in this case – fans and followers believe she’s been hiding something. Several Instagram users took to K. Michelle’s recent photos accusing her of bleaching her skin. In the photos, the singer appears much lighter in complexion – which may be due to lighting or her new hair color.

One user writes

Omg another white chick remake

Another person commented

Harpo, who is this white woman?

And another person chimed in,

She a whole different skin tone!

As we previously reported, K. Michelle and Lyrica Anderson of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood are at odds, with their feud seeping over into social media. K. Michelle defended her behavior on the most recent episode, tweeting this:

“Stealing is stealing. Leaking is leaking. Cheating is cheating. I just do my job.”

Lyrica clapped back, pointing out K’s battle with botched butt enhancements with this tweet:

“You are right, leaking is leaking. Like that cement booty it was ur job to get rid of. Your job was to sing not be in folks business.”

K. Michelle later took to Instagram to respond to both Lyrica’s claims, and rumors of her bleaching her skin. Her caption read:

“@kmichellemusic Me, 3 days ago in my @fashionnova I think i’m still black. The shit y’all make up when you just can’t find anything to hang a person. Ive been fighting for my life for 6 months. Umm of course I dont look the same. Seriously. I was Like seriously sick to the point of not knowing if I would still be here. I almost lost my life , I wont let you take it. Your own people will make fun of you when you really on some positive shit. Told my story to save a life. I would do it all over again. I’m not no coward. I take my shit and own it. So let’s clear it 1. Bleaching- Never done it and don’t even know how. I just got completely healthy a month ago. Mean- Yes, as FUCK Dropped- Actually never been dropped my whole career NOT Once. I always asked and fought for my release honestly! My Butt- I admitted it to the world unlike your favorites. I wanted to help women. Now my ass is ALL real. Now what? My nose- Yes it’s pinched My Pussy- A go to rumor of discussion from people who never even met me. Sooo….. NOW What? I’m me! Are you you? I’m sorry i’m going to change the world. My own way, 1 woman at a time!”

Do you think K. Michelle is attempting to lighten her complexion?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay