(Exclusive) Love & Hip Hop’s Rich Dollaz Speaks Out After Child Support Arrest: ‘It Was A Mix Up’

Written by Sharifa Daniels in Celebrity Interviews
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Rich Dollaz-Addresses Child Support Arrest-the jasmine brand

This week, reality star Rich Dollaz has been the talk of the tabloids ever since the Love and Hip Hop reality star was arrested outside of a New Jersey Five Guys. Long story short — he reportedly double parked his vehicle (while grabbing a quick bite), in front of a police station. They ran his plates and discovered he owed $11k in child support and booked him immediately. theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively chatted with him to find out why he missed child support payments and whether the VH1 cameras were rolling.

On why he missed child support payments. For starters, he shares that he resides in Atlanta and wanted the case moved from New Jersey (where he lived before his move).

I’m not going to pay child support on two different cases. If the lawyers where I live tell me that they’re moving the child support from New Jersey, where I used to live. To Atlanta where I now live, I’m thinking it’s done. I’m not aware that there’s an open case in New Jersey and an open one in Atlanta.

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  • Uh NO

    He’s always got an excuse. I cant stand Rich he is such a wimp.

  • Mika

    I’m sorry, but that’s makes no sense at all, there something called the Uniform Interstate Family support act. He was behind on his child support plain & simple. I wonder what is his excuse for only seeing his 12 yr old daughter once since birth—I’ll wait.