[VIDEO] Olivia Says Reality TV Changed Ex-Manager Rich Dollaz + Singer Addresses Rumors of a Missy Elliott Romance

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Its been a while since Olivia has been on the scene. She went from first lady of G-Unit to reality star on Love and Hip Hop, to now author. The singer stopped by the Breakfast Club to talk about her upcoming book, Release Me: My Life, My Wordsa tell-all about her life, love life, and music career. Stopping by Power 105’s they question her on excerpts from her book and find out what she reveals is the craziest thing she divulges.

Breakfast Club: What’s this book about?

The book is about everything from my childhood, up until when I first got into the industry, when I first got with J Records, my whole G-Unit run. I give you a little of Love and Hip Hop, and a lot of some personal life stuff that guys wouldn’t expect to hear from me like relationships. The craziest one that a lot of people wouldn’t expect is the Shaggy.

Olivia Longett

Breakfast Club: You dated Shaggy?

That was my man for like three years. He was a cheater.

Breakfast Club: How did you catch him?

Authored by: Sharifa Daniels