Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Hazel E Reacts to Yung Berg’s Slander [VIDEO]

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood-Hazel E-Reacts to Yung Berg Slander-the jasmine brand

There ain’t no love, in Love & Hip Hop Hollywood — at least when it comes to cast mates Yung Berg and Hazel E. After this week’s episode aired, the budding rapper visited Power 106, giving her reaction to the ongoing tension on camera and off-camera between her and the producer.

Hazel says that she was surprised at how negative Berg was when she played her record for him on the show. While she certainly appreciates constructive criticism, she wasn’t a fan of the blatant diss:

You aint had a record out since what? 2006, 2007…If you didn’t like it, you could’ve found a way to tell me, change this up about it.

Hazel E-Love and Hip Hop Hollywood-the jasmine brand

Hazel also says that contrary to belief, she’s not delusional about the relationship that the two shared. In fact, she says that off camera, things were different:

…Then everytime we get on scene, it would be just like the script like flipped on me and I’d be like, ‘What? We on this today?’ It was good just a week ago. And so they’ve painted this picture somewhat of that I’m chasing him and it’s just like, that’s so not the truth.

Hazel also weighs in on her ex-friend Teairra Marí working with Berg.