Jamie Foxx On Meeting Chris Brown’s Daughter, Dating A Woman Too Young For Him & Clowning Bruce Jenner [VIDEO]

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fly and young, at the same time — you ARE over 40. Like I go to the club and I host the club….When you have a conversation with them — when I told them how I old I was, you would’ve thought I had cancer?

Realizing that his manhood had also aged:

I didn’t know I had gray ball hair. I didn’t know. You don’t ever look underneath — under the chair seat. She was like ‘No, it’s great. It says that you’re a veteran.’ Next thing you know, I’m in the bathroom upside down, tryna figure it out. And I said what kinda dye do I need to dip these go-knads. So I talk about that in my stand-up. It’s not getting old but it’s like hey….

See Jamie’s full interview below.

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