Rapper Bun B Shoots Intruder At His Home During Robbery Attempt

Rapper Bun B Shoots Intruder At His Home During Robbery Attempt

Legendary rapper Bun B and his wife are recovering from the shock and horror of a masked man intruding at their Houston home in a reported robbery attempt. Bun B shot the man responsible for the crime, but did not kill him.

According to reports, Houston rapper Bun B and his wife were home when they were the victims of an apparent robbery attempt. Houston police state that around 5:45 p.m. on April 23rd, someone rang the doorbell at Bun B’s home, and his wife answered the door because she assumed it was a delivery. Police say when she opened the door, the armed suspect, identified as DeMonte Jackson, demanded property while wearing a mask.

Authorities then say Bun B’s wife directed the robber to their car. Upon hearing the commotion, Bun B reportedly grabbed his gun, came downstairs and confronted Jackson.

Bun B shot at the suspect several times before he eventually escaped on foot. He later appeared at a local hospital for treatment for the gunshot wound he sustained at the hands of Bun B. Jackson was arrested shortly after and is currently in custody, facing three felony charges.

This story is still developing at press time, more details to come…

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings