Kandi Burruss Allegedly Makes 1.8 Million For RHOA! Porsha Williams Lowest Paid Housewife

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Kandi Burruss Allegedly Makes 1.8 Million For RHOA! Porsha Williams Lowest Paid Housewife

RHOA Paychecks Revealed!

If you’ve ever wondered how much your favorite Atlanta housewife is making, we’ve got the ALLEGED details on their paychecks. According to a report, the housewife that makes the most on Real Housewives of Atlanta, is allegedly producer and singer Kandi Burruss. We hear the lowest paid on the cast is Dish Nation TV host Porsha Williams. Here’s the rumored break-down of what each woman earns:

Kandi Burruss Allegedly Makes 1.8 Million For RHOA! Porsha Williams Lowest Paid Housewife

Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss, who has been on the show since season 2, is said to bring in $1.8 million. In addition to RHOA, business is booming for the new mommy. Outside of BRAVO, we’re told she makes a serious coin from her Bedroom Kandi line, along with other deals in music, publishing, etc.

Kandi Burruss Allegedly Makes 1.8 Million For RHOA! Porsha Williams Lowest Paid Housewife

Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore reportedly brings in $1.4 million. Outside of the show, the ‘Gone With The Wind’ TV personality is said to be growing her hair care line.

Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks
, who is a practicing attorney, is said to make $1.3 million.

Cynthia Bailey

Coming under Kenya is reportedly, Cynthia Bailey, who also brings in $1.3 million. Outside of the reality TV cameras, Cynthia continues to build her eyewear line and modeling company.

Peter Thomas

Her ex husband, Peter Thomas, brings in $20k, although we hear husbands are NOT paid by the network or production company.

Sheree Whitfield

Sheree Whitfield, who is an official cast member this season, reportedly brings in $800k. Sheree is an original cast member of the show, but took a hiatus for a few seasons.

Porsha Williams

Allegedly, Porsha Williams is the lowest paid cast member, bringing in $700k. Porsha appears this season on Celebrity Apprentice, is a host on Dish Nation and the Rickey Smiley Morning Show. She also has an extension hair and lingerie line.

What do you think of their alleged paychecks?

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  • SumthinSweeter

    Porsha might surpass everyone one day except for maybe Kandi since she has her hands in so many things. But maybe not, I never hear about her extensions or for that matter I never hear about Kenya’s hair care products either.

    • Kristin Lisa Tucker

      I have yet to hear about Porsha’s hair care products either but I have heard some things about Kenya’s.

    • Kimberley44

      I buy from Naked Hair all the time. Her hair is reasonable and it last a long time. The last hair I bought I washed it twice and re inserted it and i have had had zero shedding.

      • noneya

        Girl u wear that horse hair?

        • Kimberley44

          Only the kind your mother donates.

          • noneya

            If you buying something thats “donated” u are really dumb lmao!

          • Kimberley44

            You remember when you did that GoFundMe for your mom?

          • noneya

            Ok now u corney lol. At first u were semi funny but now u aggy lol. Nice joking with u?

  • Mika

    I have saw Porsha’s Go Nake Hair in several beauty supply stores, but I’m in Atlanta, and perhaps it’s not nationwide.

    • Natalia

      No its not nation wide. I live in Texas and I’ve looked for it in the stores but it’s not there. Maybe it’s just online. Vivica Fox hair & wigs are in the stores here, but no Porsha Go Naked.

      • Kimberley44

        I always order on line. She gives discount codes on instagram all the time.

  • Dimples

    Porsha should be under Kandi. She is more entertaining

    • nina

      Probably because she has caused too much drama..putting hands on people is grounds for termination..she’s fortunate to still be employed there!

    • Ty pope

      Porsha is the dummies housewife on the show

    • nurseJAZZ

      I am sorry, but Porscha & Phadera have some serious comedic actions when they are together. Kenya and Sherree can be funny too. Kandi is the least entertaining. But, I crack up everytime Porsha and Phaedra are together

  • Harry T

    Must be nice to look classy, but talk trashy to make that kind of money! Peter Thomas should have renegotiated that pay day! Wonder what Todd and Mama Joyce get for their 2 cents!

  • nina

    Why is Porsha making less than Sheree?? Don’t seem fair to me..Sheree is a big bore to me! She brings absolutely nothing to the show!

  • Diann McMillan

    I agree that Porsha should be right under Kandi. She and Kandi makes the show now. Plus Porsha should be paid more. Sheree iso also entertaining. She should be paid more as well. However, Kandi is definitely the star. Phaedra is also quite entertaining. I really love RHOA. It is my favorite show on television.

    • Tanisha Taylor

      No she should not be under kandi!

  • Katie Dunn

    I really don’t like the show nay more most of the ladies are too petty and them always are picking on Porsha and Kandi has turn into a mean girl, I am going to stop watching

  • LeVal Lewis

    If they making all all this money nobody should be in debt to no one let alone the irs.

    • Nick D.

      They don’t withhold federal and state taxes from their paychecks because they are independent contractors and not employees. So when they file their tax returns they have to pay close to 40% to federal and then their 6% state taxes on top of that (depending on what tax bracket they are in)