T-Pain: Travis Scott Fell Asleep Standing Up In The Studio, Then Ghosted Me For Days!

T-Pain: Travis Scott Fell Asleep Standing Up In The Studio, Then Ghosted Me For Days!

T-Pain has quite an interesting story about rapper Travis Scott, and he shared it on his Instagram live.

T-Pain says it was August 10th, when he and Travis Scott agreed to lock in studio time from the 14-18th of that month to work on music.  T-Pain says that he began to show Travis Scott some of the ideas he had for a collaboration. After contemplating if he wanted to move forward with the story, he said that once he started playing beats, Travis Scott’s team said that the speakers weren’t loud enough, so he ordered new speakers. T-Pain added,

“He was in there chilling and boom got speakers same night. Sh*t was loud as f*ck. I was showing him beats, he didn’t really like em. Then he started showing me sh*t from ‘Astroworld’ and I was like well…obviously nobody just has that kinda sh*t ready to go Travis. What the f**k man? He showed me “Sickomode” without Drake. Like nobody just has these kinds of beats just sitting on their computer like that.”

He continued,

“I’m like you want these kinda sounds, Imma put these over there, and I’m just moving my mouse around on my computer, and I turn around and everybody in the room dead sleep. Knocked the f**k out. Travis is somehow also asleep standing up. Don’t know how, can’t f**king tell you. Don’t know what the f**k happened. Bro, I was only talking for like three or four minutes.”

T-Pain added that Travis Scott didn’t show up on the first day they were supposed to be working together.

“[The] 14th came, he never showed up. So I was like you know what [he] didn’t show up not because he didn’t he didn’t want to…obviously the guy hasn’t had enough sleep so it’s the 14th the first day no big deal he sleep he needs to sleep let the man sleep.”

But he continued and said,

“15th come he didn’t show up. He didn’t come back. Now mind you this was on the 10th that he had me order these new speakers that I gotta pay for daily on my budget out of my pocket, because you know them speakers wasn’t loud enough for him to work with in the studio. So I had to order those speakers and I gotta pay a daily rate on them speakers, and it’s like $540 a day, a piece for each speaker to be because they need to be loud enough for him to work with. So you know that’s the 10th, 11, 12, 13, 14th he didn’t show up.  The 15th he didn’t show up that’s fine, 16th maybe he forgot, ‘Can somebody call him? Because it’s 8 o’clock and he said he usually starts working at 8 pm. Can somebody hit him up to make sure…just real quick he might have forgot some some things…’ 16th maybe hit him up…just check on him see if he you know see if he knew’ I was like check on him it’s the 16th maybe he forgot cool I get it um nobody got in contact with him couldn’t find him.”
T-pain recalls the 4th day that Travis didn’t show up for their session, but he was fully active on social media,

“Nothing, not one thing. With me! When anything got to do with me? Nothing from Travis Scott’s team. But I’ll tell you what? Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok everything fully active, whole time. Didn’t skip a godda*n beat. Not one thing. He had the green thing on Fortnite.  I seen that he was playing Fortnite. Nothing, can’t get a response, I even hit him up on private chat, on Fortnite. No big deal, nothing, that’s not you playing Fortnite bro? That’s not you playing your Fortnite account? Cool totally fine. That’s cool.”

Check out the full video below:

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Authored by: Demi Lobo