Janet Jackson’s Alleged Secret Daughter Speaks Out: I waited 31 years!

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Janet Jackson's Alleged Secret Daughter Speaks Out: I waited 31 years!

Tiffany Whyte, Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson’s Alleged Secret Daughter Speaks Out

The woman claiming to be Janet Jackson’s daughter is speaking out. A 31-year-old woman named Tiffany Whyte resides in Philadelphia and claims that she is the secret daughter of Janet and James Debarge.

As previously reported, DeBarge has claimed that Janet had given a child up for adoption before they split in 1985. Tiffany says,

I’ve been kept a secret a very long time. I want people to know the truth. [Janet] has been denying me for many years. I waited 31 years.

Janet Jackson's Alleged Secret Daughter Speaks Out: I waited 31 years!

She continues,

I want people to know the truth. Now it’s time for me to tell my truth.

Tiffany says that she grew up in the foster care system and learned seven years ago that Janet was her mother. Last month, Tiffany’s alleged grandmother, Etterlene DeBarge, stated that she and Tiffany have taken their own test, and it was a match.

Janet, who is now 50 and recently welcomed newborn son, Eissa, has never commented publicly. Meanwhile, James’ sister Bunny Debarge has spoken out stating that this story is true. Click here for more.

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  • Michelle M McGuire Duhaney

    Who ever she is she not Janets daughter older then Janet

    • Dayna Williams-Hunter

      That part!!! WOW!!

  • chgoqueen

    Janet &james didnt produce that woman anyone with eyes can see that. Puleez find another scam lady.

    • Gidgetta

      Seriously. She has lost her mine. Not even going to go there with this woman. Lmao. Who she fooling.

  • Yasmine Parrish

    not sure how any debarge plus a jackson would create someone that looks like the woman who is in question. the genetics just don’t add up, no matter how much plastic surgery is or isn’t involved.

    • Stephanie Marbury

      LoL right

    • Gidgetta

      Everyone has the same thoughts on this. Who is this person anyway. Lol

    • Selena Roberts Scott


  • Stephanie Marbury

    This girl don’t look like Janet or James.

  • Michelle Moore

    This woman does have Debarge DNA but she was not tested for Jackson DNA. Her father could be any of the Debarge men.

    • Jonn Brooke

      she doesn’t even have Debarge DNA, she ALLEGEDLY shares DNA with the Debarge’s mother.

      • suganspice68

        Tiffany may be Etterlene’s long lost cousin,i seriously doubt she is any of her sons or Janet’s offspring.she is trying to cash in on that Jackson family’s ? and dynasty.

      • Michelle Moore

        Oh yeah! You right!

  • Constance Drake

    First of all she looks older than Janet. Secondly I highly doubt the DNA of Janet and James would turn out like that.

  • Sindele James-Adeniyi

    She is too dark skinned to be a product of Coffee coloured Janet and milkly fair James Debarge. She is totally off her rocker!!!

    • Kwisha Coleman

      She could take after their mother look how dark she is

  • Lynn Byrd

    She look like Wanda from In Living Color ???? AINT No Dam JACKSON blood in her ass !!!! Have several seats !!!!!!

    • Carleen Atwell

      Plus she’s the wrong gender Janet had a son she put up for adoption not a daughter. From her estranged husband James Debarge.

    • Gidgetta


  • India Lindo

    She doesn’t look like she could be there daughter but look at Snoop’s daughter, she doesn’t like she could be his daughter either ..sometimes genes jump a generation.let’s remember that’s what Janet looks like now ..that’s not how she looked when she was born ..she was a darker skinned person with a different features..

    • Gidgetta

      Janet was never darkskin…she was caramel color with the Jackson cheekbone structure. Did we all forget about that. Everyone of them has that trait. The cheekbones and the soft speaking tone In their Voice. Even Joes daughter looks like a Jackson. No one is blind!!!

      • gonzflo

        Surgery… Lighteners

  • Byron Faulkner

    I think the poor woman is delusional. She looks nothing like DeBarge or Jackson. I feel sorry for her. I believe that in her mind she has created this dream world where her biological parents were DeBarge/Jackson because the reality was too harsh to stomach.
    Something needs to be done about this. I feel like this woman needs a physiological evaluation and if it has been determined that she is found capable tp do for herself. She should drop this ridiculous claim and go back where she came from.
    Even if Janet Jackson & James DeBarge had a secret child I don’t believe either of them would allow their child to be a ward of the state or raised by the system. During the time of her birth both of them were riding the peak of their popularity. They had the resources to easily care for a child even in secret. I don’t see this story as anything more than some poor soul who is just looking for a way to cash in or try to vet attention or money for nothing.

  • tsai rox

    Sounds like part of a publicity stunt from some of the Debarges. Kind of like the Brown family with Whitney!

  • Gawanda Maddox

    Girl bye bye. There’s nothing about you says Janet nor James.. Try again

  • UMHM

    “HARPO! Who dis woman?” LMAO!

  • Ridingfinest

    Girl bye!!!

  • Agustus Jones

    We need Maury!

  • Lol.. Comical is all i can say…Smfh.. That isnt no Janet Jackson’s daughter ffs.. No way!!..