Fan Claims Miguel Sexually Assaulted Her: He grabbed my breast. [VIDEO]

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Fan Claims Miguel Sexually Assaulted Her

Miguel & fan Xian Bass

Fan Claims Miguel Sexually Assaulted Her

A fan of Miguel is claiming that the singer sexually assaulted her. A woman by the name of Xian Bass has taken to social media, stating that she met the singer, requested a photo and then was groped by him. She wrote on social media:

Dear Miguel, I used to be a fan of your music.
I was a fan of your music until you blatantly disrespected my body in a public place. There is nothing I did or said that warranted this disgusting display of entitlement, rape culture, and male privilege. I approached you respectfully and you still decided my body was not sacred enough to be treated as a human being. After we took this photo, you took it upon yourself to grab my breast and remove it from my shirt WITHOUT CONSENT. You then proceeded to look at my naked breast with such a disgusting look on your face. It’s still embedded in my memory. The sneer of your lip and salivating mouth is making my stomach turn. I really don’t understand why you would do that to someone who approached you as a fan. I’m beyond disgusted right now. Are you used to treating random female strangers this way? Have you gotten away with this in the past?
Well, it stops HERE and NOW. I will not sit in shameful silence and allow sexual assault to be normalized. #toxicmasculinity #maleprivilege #violated #rapecultureisreal #celebrityprivilege #iwasntaskingforit #speakup #speakupspeakout #nomiguel

She later posted the clip below, recounting what happened.

We’ve reached out to Miguel, who has yet to comment.

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  • Fashionista9

    Why do you have your boobs popping out of your bra and stuck in the face of a dude you dont know who is only breast high…trying to take a selfie? You dont know him…he could be crazy ..now you are mad? If he came up to you and chased you down the hall to force a selfie on you and a bra 4 sizes too small ..then you have a case. Now you just look stupid!

    • Bana Ghilazghi

      ^^^ People like you are the problem smh if a women wants to dress a certain way a man should not dictate that and should know to never act in a manner that is against her will PERIOD

      • TO_Northsider

        in no way am i here to defend Miguel’s action.. he was definitely out of place and in the wrong to be putting his hands on the girl.. but does that make her innocent? does it mean that she doesn’t need to realize where she went wrong in this situation? I think not. She had no business airing out what she does behind closed doors, whether its to his music or not. That her personal business which she should’ve kept to herself. You yourself wouldn’t walk up to random people and start talking about sex (especially orgasms), mainly because you dont want to give the wrong impression. giving the wrong impression can lead to situations like this, and though it still doesn’t justify the action, it still could’ve been very preventable on her part. If this whole story is true, her stating that obviously triggered a sense of possessiveness or ownership in him. As Fashionista9 stated, just because he is a successful artist doesn’t mean he is perfectly sane, doesn’t mean he is going to respect you. yes he is a star but he is also still very human. he may very well have mental issues which he doesn’t know how to cope with. maybe every girl that previously approached him that topic actually intended on surrendering their bodies to him (it does happen, groupies do exist). or he may have grown up experiencing obsessive and possessive relationships and thats all he knows.. hell, YOU DON’T KNOW HIM, so why give him that sort of trust right off the bat? I repeat, in no way am i here to defend Miguel’s actions. but there is certainly a lesson to be learned here. on both parts. Miguel may be wrong and guilty, but that doesnt make her completely innocent

        • Bana Ghilazghi

          Valid points in regard to it can be misleading that you bring about sexual conversations to a man you just met but at the end of the day it is the degree Miguel ALLEGEDLY took it (bc we dont know if this is even true fans have done this song and dance before) but assuming he did he crossed the line by physically touching her. It is one thing to reciprocate her actions of bring sexual based conversation and flirt back because maybe then she would get the opportunity to assure him she isnt interested. But instead he jumped to physically touching her because she could probably had no intention or expectation that a simple conversation would escalade to that so quickly.


        SOOOOOO… if guys wanted to walk around with our balls hanging out because its a way we want to dress .. DONT FUCKIN LOOK OR GET OFFENDED. its just how we want to dress.

        • Bana Ghilazghi

          That super contradicting because she did NOT have her boobs out her shirt he took her boob out of her shirt so I dont see what you were trying to prove there. Again we dont even know if this is true but assuming it is he crossed the line.

  • Dee Basc

    DOes not matter how she was dressed. He had no right to touch her. Because a guy has on pants or a shirt 3 sizes too small does not mean I have the right to grab his package or pecks, think about it!

  • SumthinSweeter

    I call bullisht. Wtf writes a whole commentary like this? If this really happened then file a police report.

  • Kirizon