Floyd Mayweather Witnessed Murder Suicide + Stephanie Moseley Accused of Having An Affair With Trey Songz

Floyd Mayweather Witnessed Murder Suicide-Stephanie Moseley Accused of Having An Affair With Trey Songz-the jasmine brand

There have been new developments in the tragic murder-suicide of Stephanie Mosely and her husband Earl Hayes. As previously reported, the “Hit the Floor” actress was shot in killed in their L.A. apartment as neighbors heard her screaming. When officers arrived, they discovered two bodies, hers and Earl, who reportedly committed suicide.

Hit The Floor Actress Stephanie Moseley Dies In Alleged Murder Suicide-the jasmine brand

It’s been less than 24 hours and there have been a few theories as to what triggered the murder suicide. The couple had been married since 2008 but reportedly became separated two years ago, after Stephanie allegedly had an affair with Trey Songz. 

Sources tell TMZ that while they later reconciled, her alleged fling with the singer was still an issue for Earl. In fact, they separated, but as one friend told the site:

He was crushed and never got over it.

Earl had also accused her of having other affairs with other entertainers.