T.I. Says Wife Tiny Deserves Alimony [Photos]

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(EXCLUSIVE) T.I.: Tiny Harris Wants Physical Custody, Child Support & Alimony + Annulment

T.I. Says Wife Tiny Deserves Alimony

It appears that if Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris and T.I. do call it quits, the rapper/actor feels that his wife should receive alimony. This week, T.I. posted what he refers to as his #TipsWordOfTheWeek. Check it out below.

T.I. Says Wife Tiny Deserves Alimony

One of his followers commented,

al-i-mo-ny- a husband’s or wife’s court-ordered provision for a spouse after separation or divorce.

T.I. responded to the comment,

I ain’t tripping … She deserve that.

He also liked the following comment:

I’m so confused tho why people acting like Tiny wasn’t swinging on Floyd nuts

T.I. Says Wife Tiny Deserves Alimony

The comment was in reference to Tiny’s rumored situationship with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Tiny filed for divorce December 2016, after six years of marriage. They have since reportedly reconciled, amidst reports that T.I. was or is an alleged relationship with Bernice Bergos.

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  • Ms Snazzy

    Sounds like someone is a lil salty about swinging. How many times has yours been swinging though, Mr. Harris? Chile, please…Keep it moving. Funny thing about them tables, they ALWAYS turn.

  • Eighteensixtyfour Gorillazone

    She is just as much as at fault as he is. Aint No one way blame.
    She started this fuckery swinging from another man’s nuts on numerous occasions.

  • Antonine Thurmond

    So what who gives a FUCK!!! Take your weak ASS relationship and marriage and kick FUCKIN ROCKS. Millions of people still need help in the Innercities across the US why don’t them(entertainers) or what ever they want to call themselves do better with what they earned in stead of giving wack ass opinions about something that reaily don’t affect nothing you want to do for yourselves or their Families. I can tell you what it DO affect in the Innercities with opinions from people about what’s going to hurt them or not that not even part of the Innercities any more and the opinions tend to stick because when you got millions of Groupies that think the jewelry ,cars and clothes these entertainers is wearing is where it’s at and them people can’t even tell time if it’s not digital can’t read and it sad but all they have to do is hear what the entertainers and they opinions are they like brain less puppets because they only see what they have and don’t even have a opinion of their own. It would be great for everybody in Entertainment instead of having an opinion about something thats going to cause confusion when the confusion won’t be on your doorstep because nobody cares what you got what about programs for those that lacks or shelter for those who need it. The money you entertainers make y’all would rather show off to the misfortunate tell them what you got and what you going to get than to help the Innercities with some kind of funding not just funding to say you did it but funding that would make a difference it enough entertainers to do so if y’all wasn’t so into telling your Groupies what you got and where you going or giving an opinion that doesn’t matter to you at the end of your day you Entertainers would realize the change you could make across the United States of America not just the Innercities.

  • Billie J Kingsbury

    Please don’t you guys break up, your family is so precious; work it out!!